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Does this sound familiar:

“What happened to all those leads we generated for sales?”

How about this:

“Why does marketing keep sending us these junk leads?”

These are complaints plaguing any company struggling to capitalize on its marketing strategies. Marketing is bound to blame sales and sales is bound to blame marketing, but the reality is that neither is necessarily to blame. The real culprit is the sincere belief that uncultivated, un-nurtured leads are actually prepared to buy anything. Of course, by definition, a lead has shown interest, but in this early stage of the process, the correlation between interest and willingness to buy is very low. In fact, according to Gleanster Research, over 50% of qualified leads are not yet ready to buy.

As companies of all sizes work to attract more customers, marketing departments are turning to technology to gain an edge. White label marketing automation is helping to fulfill a gap in technology and resources that exists in small organization marketing departments. Marketing automation platforms have quickly become very popular, but up until recently they remained financially out of reach for all but the largest businesses. These large enterprises were and still are seeing significant returns from large investments in sophisticated marketing automation platforms. These platforms are highly advanced cross-channel marketing products that are explicitly designed for big businesses. This means that the software was built for lengthy implementations by large marketing teams with extensive IT resources. And big business marketing automation is not cheap: the platforms almost always require extensive contracts, expensive setup and training fees, and significant tech support. Despite the cost, marketing automation allows large marketing teams with sizeable budgets to deliver more and higher qualified leads to their sales teams.

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As companies of all sizes look to reinforce, reposition, or expand their brand image, more and more are turning to content marketing as a powerful yet cost-effective tool. Content marketing, a company’s distribution of material that a consumer will find helpful or interesting, has rapidly become a major marketing buzzword as companies scramble to master this form of brand management. In addition to branding, marketers have also discovered content marketing’s usefulness in directing a consumer’s research on a product. In the age of the internet, consumers will almost always research a product before engaging with sales teams, placing orders, or making decisions. Content marketing pieces empower marketers to help consumers with their research, or at the very least point a consumer’s research toward their product.

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Automotive marketing is rapidly transforming – as consumers spend more and more time in the digital world, dealerships must embrace modern marketing techniques or be left behind. They have no choice: Automotive Marketing is changing quickly – every dealership exists only by convincing individuals in a mass audience that its cars and prices are superior to those of the next dealership, and with the rapid growth of technology, there are more ways than ever of engaging potential consumers and then drawing them into the showroom. Whether the dealership itself handles its own marketing or trusts it to the expertise and manpower of an automotive marketing agency, the goals are still the same: bring in sales and build revenue, whether through new car sales, used car sales, or automotive services. But the means of attracting these sales are undergoing a major shift. Dealers must integrate yesterday’s most effective and measurable techniques with the more advanced digital strategies of today.

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