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Cool Microsites for Cool Marketing Campaigns

Very Cool Marketing Campaigns Deserve Very Cool Microsites

You’ve got the coolest idea for a marketing campaign, but you need a cool online presence to go with it…and you need it fast. You don’t want it buried on your corporate site, nor do you want your visitors roaming off to other areas of your site.  You need them to focus, and you need them to take action. Here are 4 signs your cool new marketing campaigns need cool microsites

Cool Microsites

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1. You want your campaign online. And you want it done now.

If you want an online presence for a marketing campaign that can be up and running quickly, you’re probably going to want a microsite. In fact, one of the best things about building microsites is that they’re so quick and easy to build and deploy.  Because they live outside of your main website, you usually don’t even need to get IT involved for hosting, design, and development, especially if you are using software specifically designed to help marketers build microsites. Today’s microsite platforms even have built in automation, so you don’t need to worry about integrating with existing marketing systems.

2. You’ve got a lot to say, but don’t want to say too much

Unlike a landing page, which usually consists of a single page focused on one specific call-to-action, a microsite is more like a mini website consisting of 2-10 pages. Not quite a website but more than a landing page, microsites let combine the topical focus of a landing page with the depth of content you find on a website. Microsites are the perfect online destination for a marketing campaign that lasts a few months or a full year. Different pages can support different elements of the campaign, while built in analytics are keeping you informed of the performance of the campaign and firing off alerts as leads are generated.

3. You need to make a splash when you launch your product, service, or campaign

Cool microsites - ChryslerMicrosites are created to create buzz and excitement around one particular product, service or campaign without making visitors sift through the clutter of your primary website. In fact, many companies will produce microsites for each individual product or service in their offering suite and use them as destination hubs for content-based marketing campaigns. Contests, games, surveys, video and downloadable PDF’s are all common microsite content offerings that support campaign launches. The marketers at the Content Marketing Institute agree – if you are launching something new – building  cool microsites will help you to make a big splash.

4. You have real budget and time limits 

The days of Don Draper and crew are long gone; today’s marketing campaigns are driven by analytics and ROI. When you’ve got budget and time constraints, but still are expected to deliver great results, a cool microsite can help you measure success and deliver leads. Modern microsite platforms use mobile-friendly, responsive page templates that can be copied, modified and deployed in real time. They also offer built-in domain management and marketing automation tools, so the time and cost to build cool microsites is a fraction of what is was just a few years ago. If you need something done quickly, often the services team at the microsite provider or a network of trained agency partners can crank out amazing microsites in a matter of days or weeks, letting you deliver your campaign ahead of time and under your budget.


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