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Get More Leads With Direct Mail + Triggered Drip Campaigns

Smart marketers are using Direct Mail Marketing Automation to combine the high response rates of direct mail with the efficiency and scalability of marketing automation. Boingnet has combined these previously disconnected worlds so that marketers can mix and match channels with consistent, personalized messaging, images and calls to action.

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  • Direct Mail & Marketing Automation Can and Should Work Together
  • Personalized URLs are an easy to implement “Bridge” between Direct & Digital
  • Best Practices for combining “Outbound” direct with “Inbound” digital channels

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Automate Your Next Direct Mail Campaign With Boingnet

Boingnet is built for marketing teams and agencies that want to use direct mail with a fast, easy and affordable automation platform. Sign up to generate leads and sales with Direct Mail Marketing Automation. Use pURLs, Landing Pages, Microsites and the latest drip marketing advances to nurture your leads into loyal clients.

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Why Marry Marketing Automation With Direct Mail? Direct Mail Marketing Automation By Boingnet - Postcard

  1. Stand Out With Outbound + Inbound Marketing –  combines the best of both techniques for maximum results.
  2. Targeting – lets you use detailed data to pinpoint audiences with tailored offers through mail, web and email channels.
  3. Personalization – of both direct mail and digital with variable data technology enables super targeted and personalized messaging and offers.

Top Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing Automation

  1. Increase Response Rates –  research shows 81% of shoppers research online prior to purchase.
  2. Buyers Love Online Games & Contests – Direct mail can “interrupt” consumers and get them playing online, while you gather data.
  3. pURLs protect your direct mail leads –  Keep them away from Google and your competitors [WEBINAR].
  4. Tracking – Reports and smart analytics track each pURL and how it performs.
  5. Go Viral – your direct mail piece can drive easy online sharing through email and social channels.
  6. Collect Data – Many campaigns are designed to build email lists for future marketing in automation platforms.

Boingnet Direct Mail Marketing Automation

Things to consider when using Direct Mail Marketing Automation

  1. Data quality is very important for the user experience. Personalization works really well when your list data is complete and accurate.
  2. Design, placement and emphasis of the pURL in your direct mail campaign has a huge impact on conversions. The pURL should be prominent, large and the focal point of the design.
  3. Build a non pURL version of the landing page or microsite – use the creative to get additional leads from non list based channels such as PPC, Social, SEO and more.
  4. Should you use a QR code? Not everyone likes QR’s, but for certain mobile primary demographics, they can drive much higher response rates.
  5. Plan your follow up. Well designed campaigns use email or other channels to “drip” reminders, additional content and offers based on action (or lack of) on the pURL.

Get a free checklist with direct mail and pURL best practices

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Boingnet Direct Mail Automation Features

  • Personalized URLs – multiple pURL formats for easy campaign management
  • Boingnet QR Codes – personalized QR codes that drive mobile to mobile ready landing pages
  • Downloadable pURL records with addresses in .CSV format for printers
  • Downloadable QR codes in image file for printers
  • Triggered drip marketing campaigns from direct mail lead generation
  • Configurable, SEO friendly URL management
  • Integrated Autoresponder Emails
  • Web form (and pre-filled web form) creation
  • Click Tracking – with alerts & detailed reports on activity
  • Notification Email on form fill and/or download
  • Notification email on page open
  • Multiple Domain formats for different campaigns
  • Real time campaign management
  • Detailed Campaign Analytics to track direct mail responses & actions
  • Reporting API for integration into Google Analytics or other reporting tools
  • Google Map Integration
  • Responsively designed and mobile-ready template builder
  • Ability to build and deploy unlimited pages within microsite
  • Profile-driven personalization
  • Microsite page designer: WYSIWYG Point, Click, Drag, Drop, Edit
  • Full, real-time HTML editing
  • Variable content & logic for deploying mobile-ready surveys & multiple pages
  • Downloadable files, images, videos

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