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Retargeting (or remarketing) is an ingenious and highly effective way for businesses to re-connect with prospects who have visited and left their website without making a purchase. Targeted ads “follow” the user as they continue surfing the Internet, subconsciously reminding them about the business’ brand, products, and services

As 2015 nears its end, we at Boingnet are celebrating more than just a new year; we’re raising our glasses for yet another major Boingnet release. And this time, it’s all simplification and optimization. Not only did we implement some beautifully designed and optimized email templates (which we’ll talk about more in an upcoming blog), but we also streamlined the process for Boingnet users to search for, buy, and manage vanity domains for marketing campaigns.

Vanity URLs are branded web addresses created for marketing initiatives to promote a particular product, service, or idea. They’re typically redirected to a standalone microsite or landing page. Here are 5 reasons why using them can save you time and help drive ROI.