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Deliverability is one of the greatest challenges facing today’s inbound marketers. Because while Marketing Automation is easier than ever, there’s still a lot of good emails out there being marked as spam or junk because their senders have a poor Email Reputation. The good news is, a poor Email Reputation can be prevented, and even improved by implementing the right strategy and the right tools to optimize Deliverability.

Don’t call it a comeback. Outbound’s been here for years. And believe it or not, snail mail is cool again, and should be a major part of your marketing mix. The only problem? HubSpot’s Inbound-centric philosophy has disrupted the world we we once knew, causing a major shift in marketing theory and practice. But now, Boingnet and Hubspot are aligned, and together we are poised to change the marketing world yet again.

Drip Nurturing is a strategy that can guide leads that have already interacted with your brand through the entire sales funnel, from initial contact to all the way through closing. Once considered a strategy that could only be afforded by larger organizations, a lightweight version of this technology has recently emerged as a way to help businesses of any size overcome potential budget restraints, business complexities, or lack of resources – and begin moving towards a next-generation marketing solution.

Keeping prospects engaged…drip by drip

Drip campaigns are one of the most effective and popular new ways for businesses to engage and interact with consumers. And thanks to the rapid emergence of affordable, lightweight marketing automation solutions, the floodgates have opened for businesses of all sizes to to deploy new and exciting marketing tactics like drip campaigns – something that’s been traditionally out of their reach in the past.

At Boingnet, we use the broad term “Drip Marketing” to define the overall practice of sending regular marketing messages in an effort to remain relevant with users while building brand awareness and viability. At a more granular level, we divide the umbrella term “Drip Marketing” into two distinctive tactics: Drip Campaigns and Drip Nurturing.