Marketing Automation Services

Use Boingnet Experts To Build Your Campaign

Accelerate Your Campaign Success

Our Marketing Automation Services team leverages Boingnet’s experience to marketing departments and agencies get campaigns out the door quickly and professionally. We’ve helped deploy thousands of campaigns, have seen what works and what doesn’t, and can fast track you and your team to deliver a great Boingnet campaign. We’re your Boingnet experts that work behind the scenes to make you shine. We can help you with:

  • Boingnet Best Practices – get the most out of your pURL, landing page, microsite or email campaign
  • Turn-key Campaign Delivery – tell us what you want, we’ll build it for you
  • Building Complex Forms, pages, email templates,  or drip campaigns
  • Integration with your (or your client’s) CRM or other automated systems with our API, native plugins or with hundreds of web apps via Zapier

Whether you’re a small business, a non-profit, or an agency building a marketing automation practice, Boingnet’s Marketing Automation Services offer you professional, experienced marketing technologists that will work with your team to ensure they deliver results on time and on budget.

We’ve Got The Skills

Leverage our skills and knowledge to make sure your campaign succeeds. Our backgrounds and experiences include:

  • Multi-channel Campaigns – Web, Email, Direct Mail
  • Messaging, Call To Action and Copy Strategy
  • Campaign Data Management & Structure
  • Graphic and Web Design
  • PSD to HTML
  • Responsive Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS3 Coding
  • JQuery Plugins
  • UI and UX Design for Desktop, Mobile & Tablet
  • Data Integration and API Development
Boingnet Marketing Automation Services


Customized Design and Marketing Automation Services

Boingnet Marketing Services Page Template Building

Landing Page/Microsite Development

Need a professionally done landing page or microsite done quickly? We’ll build a series of mobile friendly, reusable templates that will help you quickly generate highly targeted leads through online, social, email, mobile or direct mail campaigns.

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Boingnet Marketing Services Email Template Creation

Responsive Email Template Creation

With 50% of all email opens coming from a mobile device, it’s imperative that your email campaigns are designed with a mobile-first approach. Our experts can take existing designs and code them to be mobile friendly, and help with email strategy & tactics.

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Boingnet Marketing Services Personalization

Personalization & Targeting Consulting

We’ll help you use your data or find data that can leverage Boingnet’s powerful personalization tools, and get you started with personalized email, landing pages, microsites or drip nurture campaigns.

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Boingnet Marketing Services Integration Experts

Integration Services

Boingnet’s experienced data integration specialists have helped hundreds of clients integrate their CRM, POS and other systems with our built in connector tools or customized solutions using the latest in integration techniques.

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Boingnet Marketing Services Technical Help

Technical Services

Web domain management and email deliverability can get pretty technical. Let our tech team help you point your pages to the right domain, configure email DNS for authentication, or set up a unique email IP address for maximum deliverability.

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Boingnet Marketing Services Training Help

Boingnet Training Services

While Boingnet is easy to use and has great help articles and videos, 1:1 training can really optimize your productivity. Tap into a Boingnet expert for the basics on how to start cranking out campaigns or refine more advanced personalization skills.

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