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Do you think Millennials check their email?

Mobile marketing via SMS and Text Messaging is here to stay

Mobile Marketing campaigns via text messaging, sms messaging

Marketers have a problem connecting with millennials.  They are on the move, leaving direct mail in their wake. Try asking your favorite millennial about the last time  they responded to an email offer. The reality is, the mobile phone is the primary communication device of many of today’s consumers, not just those born after 1980.  If your brand or agency doesn’t have a plan to connect with consumers through their phones, you run the risk of being the proverbial buggy whip company!

Boingnet Mobile Marketing is a permission based, double opt-in campaign tool that offers marketers an ability to reach consumers on the move, and to reach those who prefer to interact via their mobile device.  Whether a part of a multichannel campaign or a standalone effort, marketers need the ability to send SMS/Text Messages to mobile consumers, and drive them to mobile landing pages. Like any Boingnet channel, Mobile Marketing can personalize messages to each of your audience, speaking to each of them on a one to one basis, as well as drive each consumer back to their personalized, mobile ready landing pages. Another great use is as a BoingDrips drip marketing campaign, reaching those consumers who tell you they want to hear more via mobile marketing channels.

As with all Boingnet campaign channels – we don’t do spam.  The good news is that consumers want to hear from trusted brands on their phones, especially when the campaign delivers something they can’t get through other channels. Best practice double opt-in templates make it easy for marketers and agencies to make sure that their campaigns are permission based, and we build in easy opt-out, so you can be sure that your messages are reaching those who truly want to hear from you on their mobile phones.

Boingnet SMS/Text Marketing Features:                                                                                                                                  Mobile Marketing Best Practices

  • Double opt in templates to confirm consumer choice to hear from you
  • Personalized messages using variable data
  • Personalized URL’s shortened to work with SMS Campaigns
  • Mobile ready, responsive personalized landing pages to convert mobile click throughs
  • Variable data & variable logic personalization on mobile landing pages and microsites
  • Mobile coupons to be redeemed after click throughs
  • Personalized, mobile surveys