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Personalized URL Campaigns With Marketing Automation

PURL Marketing is becoming a big deal. Why? All marketers are looking for low cost, turn-key solutions to implement multi channel marketing. Not to mention data driven personalization, drip campaigns, CRM integration, all with precise tracking and attribution.

Top direct marketers use one data file to power variable data printing and personalized digital marketing automation. Boingnet’s PURL Marketing software and services make it easy to create seamless, consistent multi channel campaigns that use one set of data to personalize and analyze marketing efforts.Boingnet PURL Marketing Example PURL Campaign

What Is PURL Marketing?

A PURL, or Personalized URL, is a unique landing page or microsite that is generated for each member of a marketing list. PURLs are often included in direct mail campaigns as a way to drive audience members online. The URL can be assembled in several different ways. Here’s an example: http://pages.boingnet.com/holiday2015/JohnReed/

When a campaign target opens their PURL (by typing the URL or scanning a QR Code) the landing page or microsite uses data from the marketing list to present personalized content. Pre-filled forms, personalized headlines, images and other content is automatically rendered for each list member. Because the audience have their own unique PURLs, the behavior of each target is tracked and analyzed uniquely.


Track Response With Personalized Landing Pages

Personalized Landing Page - PURL Marketing

Imagine a smart, personalized landing page that keeps track of everything that happens, and tells you exactly who has done what. When you deploy a Boingnet PURL campaign, you know exactly who has responded online. No more guessing. This is how marketing attribution is supposed to work.

Research has proven that your audience will go online when you reach out to touch them via direct mail or email. Your job is to give them the right landing page and keep them away from your competitors ads on search engines. PURLs give you an easy way to direct your audience to landing pages and microsites that match the message of your campaign or promotion. Easy personalization empowers you to segment your messages to match your buyer personas.  By acting as the bridge between channels, and tracking everything that each target does, you deliver professional, modern and successful campaigns for your company or your client.

Trigger Based Automation – Nurture Your Leads

Direct marketing pros know that the best campaigns are multi-touch and multi-channel. Boingnet has created a unique, patent-pending automation solution for your to set up drip campaigns for your audience based on their behavior. Only Boingnet PURLs can trigger drip nurture campaigns that use behavioral, captured and list data to help you build trust, educate your targets and grow your sales.

Boingnet PURL Marketing Drip Nurture Campaigns

Boingnet PURLs Play Well With Others

There’s been an explosion of CRM, marketing and other productivity tools that growing organizations demand integration with. Boingnet plugs right into the workflows that marketers are using every day. Our modern architecture lets us integrate with hundreds of other web based platforms with standard, easy to use interfaces. Here’s a sampling of a few of our integrations:

Boingnet PURL Marketing Integrations

Boingnet Marketing Services can build you custom integrations for back-end processes with reasonable time frames and affordable rates. Our team has integrated Personalized URL campaigns with countless proprietary systems in highly secure environments. Get in touch to discuss your integration ideas, we’d love to hear from you.

Turn-Key and Self-Serve PURL Plans

Building a Personal URL campaign doesn’t have to take months of planning and huge budgets. Boingnet gives marketing teams and agencies the choice of Monthly Subscription or Pay As You Go pricing options.

Marketer Pro & Agency Edition

  • Unlimited PURLs and PURL campaigns
  • Complete tracking & analysis
  • Full Marketing Automation Platform
  • No contracts, just low monthly rates starting at $299/month

On Demand PURLs

  • Full feature PURL software and tracking
  • Buy credits and use them as you need them
  • Choices for PURL campaign, Email or Landing Page credits
  • Personal URL credits starting at $1,049


Why Boingnet?

  • Easy Personalization: Your list data presents the right creative to each audience segment
  • Automated Drip Campaigns: Only Boingnet has PURL software with patent pending triggered email sequences
  • Affordable: Monthly and On Demand Plans that fit your budget
  • Integrated: Boingnet PURLs integrate with hundreds of CRM, Marketing and Workflow Tools
  • Detailed Analytics: Let PURL tracking keep track of every target’s opens, clicks and conversions

Boingnet PURL Software Facts

  1. Personal URLs get 45% Response Rates – Marketing Sherpa pURL Case Study
  2. We can build it for you – don’t have time? Need it fast? Boingnet Marketing Services can build your campaign
  3. Better Content Marketing – Drive Targets To a “Safe Space” Online [SLIDES] and use PURL tracking features to follow up
  4. Mobile Friendly – Boingnet PURL landing pages, microsites and emails are all mobile ready, using responsive design
  5. Personalization Is a Must Do – If you aren’t personalizing, you are falling behind 86% of consumers say personalization works

Boingnet purl marketing personalization

Personalized URL Campaign Best Practices

  1. Focus on your data – Personal URL Marketing works really well when your list data is complete and accurate. Good Data = Good Campaigns
  2. Design PURL campaign follow up with email – you’ve gotten them to respond – it’s fast & easy to trigger drip emails with Boingnet
  3. Build a non-PURL version of the landing page or microsite. Use the creative to get additional leads from non-list-based channels, such as PPC, Social, SEO, etc.
  4. Design consistency across channels – Keep colors, logos & branding consistent. One channel should have a similar look & feel to the next [WEBINAR]
  5. Plan for Retargeting – Retargeting with email, PPC and social campaigns for maximum results

Want More Tips?

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