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Boingnet is the best marketing automation software value on the market. Our 60 Day Free Trial lets you:

  • Run LIVE CAMPAIGNS with pURLs, email, landing pages and drip campaigns
  • Build responsive landing pages & microsites with our template editor
  • Upload lists, try out our Integrations with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Zapier & more
  • Personalize campaigns easily using variable data & logic
  • Create pURL’s and use them in email or direct mail

A Marketing Automation Free Trial with pURLs

Boingnet is a best in class marketing automation solution that gives you free Personalized URLs (pURLs) to try out.  Use your Free Trial to build:

  • Personalized Landing Pages with pURLs
  • Triggered Drip Campaigns based on pURL behavior
  • Personalized Microsites
  • Email Campaigns that drive targets to your Personalized URLs
  • Download files with pURLs that you generate
  • A free domain ( to use during your trial

Lots of Free Trial Love

We are here to help. We offer free email support, full access to our knowledgebase, free webinars and training after you sign up

  • Contact Us or call (800) 264-6420 – we’d love to help
  • Get best practices from thousands of campaigns that we’ve run
  • Sample lists, templates and campaigns are pre-loaded for you

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