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Boingnet brings together the best of direct marketing and marketing automation in one easy use platform. Our 60 Day Free Trial helps you:

Super Easy Test Drive Campaigns

Boingnet Test Drives help you launch live campaigns in seconds, using professionally designed landing page & email templates.

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A Free Trial with PURLs That Drive Digital Results

With Boingnet, PURLs are much more than just a name in a URL. Boingnet PURLs act as a bridge between marketing channels. A smart bridge that measures each target’s activity.  Upload a list and use your Free Trial to build:

  • Personalized Landing Pages with Variable Data
  • Redirect campaigns – use your existing landing pages
  • Personalized Microsites
  • Email Campaigns that drive targets to your Personalized URLs
  • Downloadable files with PURLs and QR codes to use in direct mail
Free Trial PURL Reports

Drip Campaigns That Work While You Sleep

Drip marketing campaigns nurture your targets with a steady stream of messages and content.  Automatically triggered by your target’s behavior, drip campaigns help you build a relationship with your leads before your sales team picks up the phone. Boingnet’s drip campaigns will:

  • Trigger when a new lead is added to a list
  • Trigger when a PURL is opened, completed or,
  • Trigger when an email is opened or clicked

Best of all, you can use your existing variable data from your print campaign to segment who gets what content!

Boingnet Free Trial Drip Campaign View

Lots of Free Love (we mean help!)

Our goal is to make sure you are successful. Our experienced team has helped clients large & small crank out thousands of campaigns. We offer free email support, full access to our online knowledgebase full of help articles & videos, webinars and training for your free trial. We’ve even built you a “Foolproof Guide To Boingnet”.

  • Contact Us or call (800) 264-6420 – we’d love to help
  • Get best practices from thousands of campaigns that we’ve run
  • Use a domain for free (pages.boingnet.com) during your trial
  • Pre-loaded sample lists, templates and campaigns for you to dig in to

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