Boingnet is pURL marketing software that helps direct marketers, agencies and printers generate more leads and revenue.

The Best Of Direct And Digital Marketing

Get their attention with personalized direct mail marketing. Track and nurture them with digital PURLs and landing pages. Your variable data powers it all.


The Boingnet Story

Boingnet Founder & CTO Alec Graziano had a thriving Boston area web development firm in 2008, and like many small businesses, decided to expand through better marketing. He loved the targeting and personalization that direct mail marketing gave him, so he bought a list of local businesses.

Alec quickly realized that he ought to be using the same data that powered his direct marketing to personalize, target & track landing pages & emails for those same targets.

Personalized URLs were a new thing that enabled cross-channel marketing campaigns. After surveying the market and seeing a lot of clunky, expensive and rigid software, he decided to build his own. And so it began.

A simple idea – using the same variable data to personalize and track offline and online marketing, lead to the creation of Boingnet.


Postalytics – The Latest From Boingnet

Want to use pURLs, but as a part of a fully integrated direct mail service? Postalytics is the product for you. We’ve taken the best of Boingnet pURLs and bundled them into a new Free tool that lets you send automated direct mail – with delivery and response tracking!

Check Out Postalytics


So, What’s Up With The Name?

Boinger - What Is Boingnet

People ask us all the time – why Boingnet? What does it mean?

We wanted to come up with a name that makes people smile. It’s a little silly, it’s supposed to be fun. We think it’s cool when people ask what it means with a big smile on their faces. We think marketers are fun people, and we love giving them great software and services.

Imagine your campaign targets interacting with your kick butt campaign. Bouncing from direct mail to the web, to mobile to email – “Boing, Boing, Boing”. They are all getting personalized messages that are meaningful and relevant. You get higher conversion rates, more leads & sales.

Boingnet should make you smile 🙂


Boingnet Today

We’ve grown organically over the years, with customers and their needs driving our development. Our growing team manages a suite of direct marketing software and services designed to power multi-channel, data driven campaigns. Our modern, cloud based solutions include:

  • Personalized URLs for direct mail tracking
  • Mobile ready landing pages and microsites
  • Powerful email campaigns
  • Integration with over 600 applications
  • Turn-key campaign services – from template development to full campaign outsourcing
  • White-labeled Agency Edition for agencies, consultants and printers
What Is Boingnet - One Data File

Our Mission

From our founding, we’ve been on a mission to improve the way marketers, agencies and printers use data to develop integrated marketing campaigns. We’ve assembled a team of smart, passionate, marketing & technology folks who have built out great software and services capability to fulfill this mission. We’ve powered thousands of campaigns for big brands & agencies like Chrysler & BBDO and for companies, agencies and non-profits of all sizes & industries. Our clients are our #1 focus. Your success is our success.

What is Boingnet - Customer Dave MacLellan

“I’ve used Boingnet in multiple businesses over the years, because it just works. My small marketing team uses Boingnet to generate personalized lead generation, loyalty and cross-sell campaigns across web, email and direct mail channels.”- Dave MacLellan, Founder, Beacon Opthalmics


What Makes Boingnet Different?

We’ve built the Boingnet Platform and our business around 3 simple concepts:

What is Boingnet - Easy

Boingnet is easy to use and easy to do business with

What is Boingnet - Fast

Crank out powerful campaigns quickly – As In Now

What is Boingnet - Affordable

Great direct marketing software shouldn’t kill your budget

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