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Boingnet gives you a powerful personalized URL marketing tool to help you measure online response and drive higher ROI with personalization. Our 60 Day Free Trial helps you:

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Super Easy Test Drive Campaigns

Boingnet Test Drives help you launch live campaigns in seconds, using professionally designed landing page & email templates.

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A Free Trial with PURLs That Drive Digital Results

With Boingnet, PURLs are much more than just a name in a URL. Boingnet PURLs act as a bridge between marketing channels. A smart bridge that measures each target’s activity.  Upload a list and use your Free Trial to build:

  • Personalized Landing Pages with Variable Data
  • Redirect campaigns – use your existing landing pages
  • Personalized Microsites
  • Email Campaigns that drive targets to your Personalized URLs
  • Downloadable files with PURLs and QR codes to use in direct mail
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Another Option – Postalytics For Direct Mail Marketing With pURLs

Our sister product, Postalytics, is designed to print and mail direct mail campaigns AND it incorporates pURLs (Audiences style) from Boingnet.

If you’re a print/mail provider, or want to use your own print/mail provider, then definitely stick with Boingnet for pURLs. However, if you’d like to use our integrated print/mail/pURL tool, get a free account from Postalytics!

With Postalytics, you can design postcards and letters, import or buy mailing lists, and send batch or triggered direct mail in minutes. All with integrated postal delivery and response reporting.

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