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Lead Generation CampaignsLead Generation Campaigns - Boingnet

Quickly generate new leads, prospects and targets with list building campaigns

Easily create mobile-friendly landing pages, microsites and web forms that will convert traffic into targets. Build your lists with content marketing, pay per click, search engine optimization, social, display ad and even offline campaigns that work for your 24x7x365. Automatically send out alerts when new leads arrive.

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Drip Nurture CampaignsDrip Nurture Campaigns - Boingnet

Automated, triggered campaigns that work for you to build relationships, educate your targets and react intelligently to their level of interest.

Drip Nurture Campaigns easily automate the follow up for every new lead you generate. You organize scheduled, intelligent messages that grow your brand’s perception and prepare your leads for your sales process. Instantly follow up with every lead with an organized plan – Drip Nurture Campaigns will make sure no leads fall through the cracks.

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Email Marketing CampaignsEmail Marketing - Boingnet

Email Marketing + Boingnet = Clicks, Conversions & Sales

Run circles around your competitors that are blasting out generic newsletters. Boingnet email marketing gives you the tools to build personalized, mobile ready campaigns that drive clicks and sales.

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Personalized CampaignsContent Marketing with pURLs and Microsites drive sales

Quickly build cross-channel marketing campaigns with pURL’s that easily integrate Direct Mail, Email, Landing Pages and SMS

Personalized campaigns are an easy way for marketers to develop cross-channel, personalized campaigns that touch targets through landing pages & microsites, personal URLs, with integrated email, direct mail & mobile marketing. Amazing one to one tracking of each campaign target helps quantify and track online and offline campaigns. pURL marketing has never been easier.

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