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Lead Nurturing – Tend To Your Leads

Lead Nurturing - Grow Your Business with Boingnet

Leads are interacting with your marketing campaigns 24×7, but have you automated your lead nurturing process? You have landing pages capturing traffic from online campaigns, microsites showcasing your spectacular content, email campaigns being opened and clicked on and direct mail campaigns driving new leads to personal URL’s. If EVERY LEAD isn’t tracked, followed up on and qualified, you’ve wasted those campaign dollars. How do you follow up in a smart way? How do you keep track of what each lead has expressed interest in? Lead nurturing is lightweight, easy  and will help you cultivate ROI with automated Drip Nurture Campaigns from Boingnet.

One Platform to Attract and Nurture Your Leads

Consolidating your lead generation and lead nurturing into one platform will save you time, money and deliver more results for you. Boingnet helps marketers like you to build lead generation campaigns with landing pages, microsites, email, pURL’s, QR Codes & text messaging that drive leads directly into easy to set up Drip Nurture Campaigns.

While some leads are early in the buyer’s journey, others are ready to buy. As you scale up your lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns, keeping track of each lead and their activity can become overwhelming. Not with Boingnet. Drip Nurturing Campaigns will help you keep them all engaged by tracking each lead individually and adjusting what is sent to them based on their behavior. It’s like having a personal assistant monitoring everything your leads do.

Personalization – Because Each Lead is Unique

The best sales people use information they’ve learned along the way to speak to each lead as if they have known them for years. Boingnet has created a way for you to set up lead nurturing campaigns that speak to each lead with relevant, personalized content. Our patent pending Variable Logic Trigger feature gives you the power to send personalized messages to each lead, based on information you have collected about them.  Variable Data & Variable Logic in our email & page templates create unique content experiences for each of your audience segments. Personalized email marketing works – trust us. According to Experian, personalized email campaigns deliver 6 times higher transaction rates than non personalized email. Sort of like what your best salesperson would tell you.

Direct Mail and Offline Ads Drive New Leads for Nurturing

Boingnet gives marketers fast and easy ways to drive offline traffic to lead nurturing campaigns. Direct mailers have been using Boingnet to generate high performing pURL marketing campaigns for years, often with campaigns designed to gather email addresses. Now, with our new Drip Nurturing Campaigns, direct mail campaigns act as the starting point for automated lead nurture campaigns. Only Boingnet provides pURL open or pURL form complete as starting triggers for lead nurturing. How about other offline advertising? Rather than driving traffic to a brands home page or letting the lead get caught up in a search engine (see our webinar on landing pages for offline marketing), Boingnet Lead Generation Campaigns enable “friendly URL” landing pages and QR Codes that can be optimized for offline promotions at the point of sale, print ads or even billboards.The key is to create URL’s that can easily be entered.

Mobile Marketing – Don’t Let your Lead Nurturing Fall Behind

Comscore mobile traffic growthIs your audience mobile? It probably is, since virtually every new study says everyone is getting online via mobile devices.  Your audience wants to engage on whatever device they happen to have in front of them. Boingnet has you covered. Responsive designed email and landing page templates re-size and re-configure your content according to the screen it is being viewed in. Do you have an offline channel that you want to connect with via mobile? No problem – use our QR codes on any printed piece to drive your traffic to mobile friendly landing pages that will kick off mobile friendly emails in your mobile friendly lead nurturing campaign. Better yet, why not use text messaging as a core part of your mobile strategy? Text campaigns are a great way to take an already engaged audience (who else gives up their cell phone number?) and enroll them in new loyalty nurture campaigns.


Drip Nurture Campaigns – How Lead Nurturing with Boingnet Works

Automatically start Drip Nurture Campaigns when:Boingnet Drip Nurture Campaigns

  1. A contact is added to a contact list via Boingnet web form – landing page, microsite, pURL, mobile device
  2. A contact opens an email from an existing Boingnet Email Campaign
  3. A contact clicks on an email from an existing Boingnet Email Campaign
  4. A contact opens a pURL from an existing Boingnet Personalized Campaign
  5. A contact completes a form on a pURL from an existing Boingnet Personalized Campaign

A Drip Nurture Campaign is made up of one or more Steps, each of which can consist of either a Wait or a Trigger. A Wait Step creates a delay in time before the first or next Trigger Step occurs. Trigger Steps determine what is sent to whom. There are four types of Trigger Steps, each of which provide simple, easy to follow choices on how they are executed. The Four Trigger Steps are:

  1. Send Email
  2. Step Trigger
  3. Campaign Trigger
  4. Variable Logic Trigger
There’s no limit to the number of Steps, Triggers, or the number of Drip Nurture Campaigns you can run in our Leads+Email, Marketer Pro and Agency Editions. Interested in Learning More? We’d love to hear from you.