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All In One Tracking & Analytics

Great reporting & analytics help you track leads & tell their story. Multi channel marketing with lots of tools can make it difficult.

You’ve delivered killer campaigns that leverage direct mail, landing pages to deliver better results than anyone has ever seen. Boingnet’s powerful analytics give you pinpoint tracking, generate amazing visualizations AND the raw data you need to sell your success.

PURLs, Landing Pages & Microsites

Boingnet’s Page Reporting lets you drill into the key insights that determine success. Segment your audience based on any variable, A/B Test different pages and figure out the best performing call to action. Download new leads in a spreadsheet for your client.

Standard Page ReportsBoingnet Analytics - Questions Chart

  • Overview
  • Detail
  • Web Form
  • Survey Questions
  • Day/Month/Year
  • Time Period
  • Visits
  • Clicks
  • Per Day

Using Google Analytics? No problem. Just drop the tracking code into Boingnet pages (it’s a piece of cake)

Insights From Email Marketing

Who opened? Who clicked? Which step of the drip campaign is performing best? Quickly determine your best performing content and make data driven recommendations to your team or client.

Visualize the impact of the campaign with powerful, interactive charts, or download the details into spreadsheets. Everything you need to understand and communicate email success is here.

Standard Email ReportsBoingnet Analytics - Drip Step Detail

  • Emails Sent
  • Unique Opens
  • Unique Clicks
  • Bounced
  • Unsubscribed
  • Spam Reports
  • Drops (Soft Bounces)
  • Drip Nurture Step Summary
  • Drip Nurture Step Details

Annotate, Print, DownloadBoingnet Analytics - Annotate

Our crazy new reporting tools let you mark up your campaign analysis on the spot with shapes, lines, arrows & text and download your work as an image or .pdf. Print directly from the chart. Save the raw data as .csv, .xlsx (spreadsheet formats) or .json (for the techies in the crowd).

Instant Lead Alerts

When you’ve got a hot lead, strike when the iron is hot. Boingnet’s integrated PURL and Lead Generation Form alerts will tell you or your sales team everything you need to know the instant that their PURL is opened, or when a form is filled out.

Track Leads Across Channels

Leads cost money. Multi channel marketing can create gaping holes for leads to disappear in. Boingnet makes it easy to track exactly who has responded to your amazing creative. Drive your direct mail audience online, where personalized urls track their every move. Capture new email addresses with web forms, then use sophisticated tracking tools to understand what type of email they respond to.

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Analytics & Integrations

Need Boingnet campaign data worked into another reporting or analytics engine? No worries. Your data is yours, and you always have access to the raw data files that power our analytics. We can even build custom data integrations, so that everything that happens in Boingnet can appear in your CRM, Marketing Automation platform or custom dashboard. Just contact the Boingnet Marketing Services Team to learn more.

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