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Email Marketing + Boingnet = Clicks, Conversions & Sales

Run circles around your competitors who are blasting out generic newsletters. Boingnet email marketing gives you the tools to build personalized, mobile ready campaigns that drive clicks and sales.

Relevant email experiences with responsive designed templates, personalization and integrated landing pages

Mobile email open rates are skyrocketing. All of your competitors are emailing multiple times per month. How do you stand out? Beat them by using Boingnet to send mobile ready, responsively designed emails with highly engaging, personalized content. Let them leave money on the table while you drive traffic to integrated, high converting personalized landing pages, maximizing your success of each campaign. Only Boingnet gives you the ability to easily integrate email and landing pages into true one to one campaigns.  Boingnet Email Marketing helps brands and agencies create email campaigns that:

  • Use responsive design to re-size messages & landing pages for each device
  • Stand out from the generic with profile driven personalizationEmail Marketing - Boingnet
  • Integrate with Boingnet Landing Pages for one to one lead tracking, nurturing and conversion

Boingnet’s easy to use Email Designer gives marketers the power to personalize email content with variable data inserts. It’s incredibly easy to speak to each and every one of your recipients by name and to include information from their profile that will help your message resonate and drive action. The Email Designer’s variable logic lets marketers displays different content to different segments of their email lists, without learning programming, HTML or calling IT. Text, images, calls to action and offers can all be easily configured to display uniquely for all segments, letting brands and agencies speak to each of their targets on an individual basis.

Deliverability & Scale

Sending email is easy. Having it delivered consistently is hard. Boingnet Email Marketing sits on world class infrastructure with:

  • Dedicated email servers hosted by Sendgrid one of the largest, most admired email infrastructure companies in the world
  • Dedicated IP addresses on large subnets
  • Extensive background checks on IP’s and subnets
  • Queuing algorithms that gradually warm up IP’s
  • Separate sending queues for each domain
  • Unique domains for your marketing messages. Each domain has an isolated queue, so your emails won’t get held up by others doing bulk mailings.

List Cleansing for High Deliverability

Good email marketing starts with maintaining good lists. Marketers that send to high quality lists maintain high sender scores  that keep them in the good graces of the top ISP’s – ultimately resulting in messages that deliver clicks rather than sitting in Spam folders. Boingnet offers a unique List Cleaning process, enabling marketers to weed out bad addresses before they send. Boingnet List Cleaning manages:

  • Email Syntax
  • Common misspellings
  • Throw away email domains (known throw away services used by consumers but never checked)
  • Domain Check – does the domain exist?
  • SMTP Check – is there an actual mail server?
  • Address Check – does the email address exist at the domain?

Your reputation as a sender is one of your most important assets as an email marketer. Use Boingnet and make sure it stays high.

Boingnet Email Marketing Features

  • Email Template Designer – Point, Click, Drag, Drop, Edit
  • List Cleaning – intelligent list cleansing capability that keeps your sender score high and your messages delivered
  • Responsive Designed, multi-device ready email templates
  • Embedded, trackable links to Boingnet Landing Pages
  • Profile driven personalization with variable data
  • Variable logic displays different content for different segments
  • Nurture your leads from email, to web, to Boingnet Drip Marketing to close
  • Ensure emails reach your targets with best in class deliverability
  • Detailed Email  Analytics & Reporting with delivery, open and click through rates
  • Cross reporting to other channels
  • Use email in conjunction with web, print, mobile to determine best channels for each customer
  • Sophisticated Campaign List, Contact and Unsubscribe Management
  • Make emails social with forward to a friend