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Mobile Ready, Personalized Landing Pages With Built In Automation

Great landing pages generate more leads. With Boingnet, you get the tools you need to capture, follow up and track every lead with a simple, point & click editor and integrated email automation. Personalize landing pages with dynamic content drive conversion rates even higher.

Boingnet Landing Pages - Insurance Template

Get Results With Boingnet Landing Pages

There are many landing page builders. Only Boingnet combines easy to use, customized landing pages with built in automation and personalization. You can even get pre-built landing page templates with matching email templates to ensure consistency across channels, and you can generate PURLs to drive direct mail traffic to dedicated landing pages.

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Why Boingnet Landing Pages?

Boingnet Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile Responsive

Design mobile responsive landing pages and watch them display properly on smartphone, tablet and desktop.



Personalize landing pages with our variable data & variable logic tools that don’t require any programming skills.


Automate Follow Up

Automatically drop new landing page leads into Boingnet lists. Let our Drip Nurture Campaigns take over and work for you.


 Get Affordable Landing Page Automation

Used by brands like Chrysler and agencies like BBDO, but affordable for small businesses and agencies. Get unlimited landing page visitors, page views and campaigns PLUS personalization, built in email marketing AND automation features for as little as $299/month!

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 Busy? We’ll Build Your Landing Pages

Our Marketing Automation Services team can deliver beautiful, modern landing pages built in Boingnet. From simple form based pages to complex JQuery plugins and advanced CSS & Javascript, our team can spec out and deliver professionally designed landing pages quickly, on time and on budget.

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Boingnet Landing Page Features

 Just a Sample – Watch a Landing Page Video to Learn More!


responsive design

Mobile Responsive Design

Generate up to 300% more conversions from mobile traffic. Boingnet’s template builder creates responsive landing pages that re-size your content for each screen size. Optimize your results with pages that fit every screen.

Template Editor

Template Editor & Library

Build new landing page templates in minutes with our point & click editor, full asset library, easy to create forms and CTA buttons, all with HTML source access.  Your templates become re-usable assets that can be edited on-the-fly.

Integrated Autoresponders

Integrated Autoresponders & Alerts

Automatically send out thank you emails or full autoresponder work flows to every lead that you capture. Set up email alerts to make sure that sales (and management) knows every time a new lead comes in.

Easy Personalization

Super Easy Personalization

Variable data and variable logic gives you the power to tailor your landing pages to your unique audiences or buyer profiles.  Use CRM or purchased data to target your content, with unique calls to action, messaging and targeted offers.

Advanced Boingnet Tools

Domain Purchasing & Management

No need to bother IT to get access to the URL for your page. Use our integrated domain purchasing & management tools to take the complexity out of setting up URLs for you pages and email follow up. Contact Us to learn more.

bulk page generation and management

Bulk Page Generation & Management

Trying to manage landing pages for multiple locations or products? Build a template and then generate and manage dozens, hundreds or thousands of pages dynamically from data that you control. Contact Us to learn more.



Why Boingnet Landing Pages?

Everything You Need In A Single PlatformShell Landing Page

Boingnet gives you a full suite of landing page marketing tools, enabling you to stay in a single platform that tracks everything happening to your leads generated through your landing pages.

Boingnet = Landing Pages + Email + Marketing Automation + Analytics + More

By using Boingnet,  you don’t have to go through the time, pain and process of using a single purpose landing page product that you need to stitch together with an email product and an additional reporting tool that helps you understand what’s going on. Boingnet pulls it all together into one system. You focus on what you do best, rather than spending your time trying to navigate through different software.

Personalization that’s easy and powerful

Variable Data and Logic

Only Boingnet gives you the simple, easy but powerful Variable Data and Variable Logic features – part of our unique PURL Marketing capability.

Variable Data empowers marketers to use list data that has been captured or uploaded directly on the landing page, enabling:

  • Address targets by name on their landing page
  • Pre-fill forms to drive higher conversion rates
  • Explicit use of data from CRM, POS or purchased lists, like purchase products, donation tiers, vehicle information – up to 35 variable data fields per list!

Variable Logic uses these same data elements to create different content for different audience segments. With a simple, point and click toolbar, set up conditional IF/THEN statements that will show different text, images, links, videos or any other type of content to the different segments on your list. For example, a simple variable logic statement like: IF STATE = MA, THEN DISPLAY Red Sox Rock! will automatically show the statement “Red Sox Rock!” to list members from the state of MA. Members of the list from other states won’t see the statement. Simple, fast personalization, without requiring special programming or web development skills.


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