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Boingnet’s Lightweight Marketing Automation Demo is designed for marketers and agencies to see Boingnet in action. Our powerful marketing automation tool enables marketers to generate, nurture and convert leads with powerful cross-channel campaigns, while staying easy and affordable to use. Your personalized marketing automation demo can include any/all of the following:

  • Boingnet Campaign Types:
    • Audiences Campaigns *New – Track & Personalize Any Web Page – Use WordPress, HubSpot, Unbounce & More*
    • Lead Generation Campaigns
    • Drip Nurturing Campaigns
    • Email Campaigns
    • Personalized (PURL) based campaigns for personalized online response to integrated direct mail, email and/or text campaigns
  • Template builder and Library
    • Learn how easy it is to build, manage & copy page or email templates
    • See how Boingnet takes care of responsive design for mobile friendly landing pages, microsites and emails
    • Experience the ease by which Boingnet can personalize templates with variable data and variable logic
  • List Management
    • See how you can manage an unlimited number of lists
    • Watch the simple but powerful mapping between Boingnet lists and our integration partners
    • List Cleaning – the amazing tool that sets aside bad email addresses for you – saving your sender reputation
  • Agency Edition – see how Boingnet can help your agency build a new revenue stream with our white label marketing automation platform

A Marketing Automation Tool That’s Fast, Easy and Affordable

Top Boingnet Marketing Automation Platform Features that Our Customers Love:Marketing Automation Demo - Boingnet

  • Combine Inbound and Personalized Outbound Marketing Automation
  • Easy Cross-Channel Campaign Management – Smart reporting & analytics
  • Seamless CRM Integration – Never lose track of a lead again!
  • An Experienced Services Team To Help You Or Build Your Campaign At Any Time
  • Affordable Pricing – Customize a plan that works for you

Boingnet is easy, fast and affordable. Get your marketing automation demo scheduled, or check it out for yourself – your no credit card, no hassle free trial is ready for you.

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