QR Code Marketing Campaigns Bridge Offline To Online

Engage With Mobile Audiences

QR Code marketing campaigns can drive mobile users directly to mobile friendly, responsive landing pages and microsites without having to fumble around with long URL’s on tiny keypads. Mobile centric millennial’s are scanning QRs to engage in with exciting, interactive content. Brands like Disney and Cargill use QR Codes to launch products and drive awareness. Boingnet makes it easy to generate QR Codes that leverage offline printed materials to quickly get a mobile audience online, where marketing automation tools like mobile friendly landing pages and drip campaigns take over.


QR Code Marketing Higher Education by Boingnet

What Types of QR Code Marketing Campaigns Work Best?

QR Codes are successfully deployed where people are mobile and are tempted to quickly scan in order to get more information. They can be printed on any surface and used for many types of marketing campaigns, including:

  • Restaurant Menus
  • Print Ads
  • Posters of any size, inside or outdoors
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Direct Mail Postcards, “Chunky Mail” pieces, letters & more

QR Code Trigger Other Content

Marketers are investing heavily in triggered marketing content, and QR codes are perfect for triggering actions on mobile devices such as:

  • Launching a mobile landing page, microsite or online contest
  • Capturing contact information in a mobile form
  • Getting special offers on the spot
  • Dialing a phone #, launch a text message or send an email
  • Launching a Google Map

Get Started With QR Code Marketing With Full Automation For $299/Month

Why bother integrating QR Codes into separate Landing Pages, Forms, PURL, Email Marketing or Drip Campaigns? With Boingnet, you get the full power of our lightweight marketing automation platform with your QR Marketing Campaigns.  Want to try a QR Campaign for free? Sign up for our Free Trial!

Creative QR Code Uses

Boingnet QR Code Marketing - Flyer

Boingnet QR Code On Flyer

Marketers are constantly deploying QR Codes in new, innovative ways. While some question whether older audiences will respond to them, over the last 5 years, younger audiences have adopted them in droves, as their mobile devices are their primary computing platforms. When printing any type of material for younger audiences, it makes sense to give them an easy way to get online to learn more:

Boingnet QR Code Features

  • Personalized QR Codes automatically generated with Boingnet pURLs
  • Instant Landing Page QR Codes drive traffic to Lead Generation landing pages
  • Microsite QR Codes for coupons, contests, surveys & games
  • QR Code analytics & reports with delivery, open and click through rates
  • URL management made easy – search, buy & manage URL’s for QR Campaigns

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