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We’ve created this collection of Boingnet client resources so that you can learn as much about us as you like both before and during your time as a Boingnet customer. As a leader in Lightweight Marketing Automation, it’s important for us to open up the kimono and show the world how easy it can be to incorporate Boingnet into your business, agency or organization. We’re not anywhere near being done, so check back often to see the latest in our Blog, Knowledgebase, Recorded Webinars, Support Forums and API Documentation. If you’d like to be notified when we add resources, Register Here for Boingnet Buzz, our regular email update on what’s happening at Boingnet and in the marketing world we build our software for.



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Boingnet Marketing Blog

Timely, informative and written for today’s marketer, the Boingnet Blog is regularly updated with posts ranging from marketing thought leadership pieces to Boingnet news and product updates. Boingnet has a unique perspective as our clients leverage the platform for inbound marketing, direct marketing and data driven marketing automation campaigns. We cull tips, tricks and analysis from our client’s experiences and from relevant trends that develop in the ever changing world of marketing technology.


Weekly Boingnet 101 Webinars

Our most recent client resource addition has proven to be a great way to get familiar with Boingnet – our Boingnet 101 Weekly Webinar.  Join us for one of our weekly walk through of how Boingnet helps you build high converting campaigns. During this webinar we’ll review:

Boingnet Campaign Types

  • Lead Generation
  • Email Campaigns
  • Personalized Campaigns
  • Lead Nurture Campaigns

Page & Email Template Builder

  • How to create a new template
  • How to personalize your template
  • How to build forms in your pages

Boingnet List Management & Email Cleaning


Knowledge Base

We’ve assembled a collection of helpful tutorials, screencasts, and other resources to help you in your journey to creating the most amazing Boingnet campaigns possible. Take a tour of our knowledge base by clicking the link below, and let us know if it’s missing anything!

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Recorded Boingnet Webinars

Learn how Lightweight Marketing Automation can have a big impact on how you think about marketing. A variety of topics are covered, often with real examples of how landing pages, personalized URL’s, email & drip marketing can work with direct mail & other traditional media to drive stronger response & sales than standalone campaigns.

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Support Forum

For any issues that we haven’t directly addressed in our knowledge base we invite you to check out our support forums. We’re always answering questions and solving problems for our customers, and by addressing these issues in a public forum we can guarantee that the rest of our customers will have the answers to any problems they might encounter in the future.

Support Forums
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Boingnet Support Forums

Boingnet Developer Documentation

Developer Doc

Our API allows our developers to do some pretty cool things. Take a look at the documentation, and if there is anything that you need help with let us know! We are always looking for feedback, and ways to integrate our product more heavily to increase the user experience.

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