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Microsites are small scale websites that are typically deployed to provide deeper content on a particular topic than would be appropriate on a brand’s primary website. When a crisis occurs at a company, microsites are commonly used to address public concerns and to clearly communicate the company’s position.

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While many people think direct mail marketing is a relic from the past that’s no longer useful in a digitally-dominated world, it’s still an effective way to reach your intended audience.

Moreover, direct mail print marketing has a strong reputation among customers for its trustworthiness while offering a more personal approach than internet marketing. One study even showed that up to 90 percent of direct mail gets opened.

But an excellent direct mail marketing campaign needs a solid strategy, and the following are suggestions for getting the most from your plan.

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Marketers often get put in a tough bind. They need to avoid spam filters in order to deliver messages that generate leads. However, they often get lists that don’t comply with the policies of their email marketing or marketing automation vendors. In fact, VERY common list gathering tactics are in direct violation of the terms of service or acceptable use policies of major platforms…