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Marketing best practices for your B2B or B2C business has seen many dramatics shifts in the past few years, with the advent of the web, with the proliferation Google’s AdWords product, with blogging and social media, email marketing and more. As new channels continue to develop at increasingly rapid rates (you do have your Vine strategy together, right?), it is helpful to periodically review marketing fundamentals to ensure that campaigns are following time tested rules that ensure success. Message match – the practice of making sure your message match – landing pages for every campaignfollow up to a campaign is in sync with the campaign that generated the interest, is rapidly being accepted as a fundamental in the online world. Boingnet believes that the once clear lines between online and offline campaigns have disappeared, and that if marketers aren’t using dedicated, campaign specific landing pages for every campaign, online and offline, they are squandering opportunities to connect and generate leads and sales.

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A recent study that was highlighted over at showed many of the ways that marketers today are working to make sure that their email lists are of the highest quality. With the huge investment in email marketing that brands and smb’s are making, and the risks associated with developing a poor deliverability score with ISP’s, the costs associated with poor list quality have escalated. In fact, the survey states “With respondents saying that the quality of their subscribers is as important as overall ROI when gauging their email program’s effectiveness”. As a result of the understanding that list quality is so important to the success of email marketing, marketers have utilized a plethora of techniques to both capture accurate email addresses from likely responders as well as update those addresses (people change jobs – alot) to keep their lists growing and accurate.

We at Boingnet like to think of ourselves as somewhat contrarian (building a great tech software company on the South Shore of Boston rather than in Cambridge?). As those of us who have made careers in the tech business know, often the conventional wisdom of what works in tech is a self reverberating echo chamber (emanating primarily from a stretch of office parks between San Francisco & San Jose CA). We always get a kick out of reports that upset the apple cart, and found one last night that certainly fits the bill.

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Personal URLs are typically used to support direct mail or email campaigns. They are a powerful new marketing tool that has boosted response rates and allowed for campaign quantification that has until recently been unattainable.

Ad networks such as Google Adwords have changed the face of online advertising. The banner ads of the 90s have given way to the much more context sensitive and relevant ads delivered by these massive ad networks. So why not use these two powerful and effective technologies together?

Why use pURLs with Adwords?

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