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Using pURLs with Google Adwords

How Top Marketers are using pURLs with Google Adwords

Personal URLs are typically used to support direct mail or email campaigns. They are a powerful new marketing tool that has boosted response rates and allowed for campaign quantification that has until recently been unattainable.

Ad networks such as Google Adwords have changed the face of online advertising. The banner ads of the 90s have given way to the much more context sensitive and relevant ads delivered by these massive ad networks. So why not use these two powerful and effective technologies together?

Why use pURLs with Adwords?

Google Adwords with pURLs - How to with Boingnet

Your Adwords campaigns today direct your prospect to either your corporate home page or some landing page that is coded to track where the visitors came from. The idea of using pURLs with ad networks is to create a bridge between the ad and the corporate site. By doing so, you have the ability to use a pURL application and manage landing pages on the fly. You benefit from all the added reports and analytics that a pURL platofrm provides beyond that of Adwords reporting.

How its Done

Boingnet pURLs with Google Adwords example
  1. Start by creating an account with a pURL provider
  2. Build out a landing page in your pURL applicationĀ  to support your campaign. This landing page has the ability to deliver variable data, collect survey and form information, deliver dynamic content based on what ad is sending the user there.Within the landing page, add in trackable links to other landing pages and/or your corporate site.
  3. Adjust your Adwords campaign to direct prospects to one of many dynamic landing pages within your campaign.
  4. Login to your pURL account and adjust your landing pages on the fly, report on activity and modify campaigns as needed to maximize your ROI

The Results
The end result is a new level of analysis you can perform on traffic to your interim pURL landing pages. Typical types of reports you can expect to see in a pURL platform are

Boingnet pURL reporting - Google Adwords with PURLs

  • Campaign and Page Level Summary Reports showing rollup statistics such as response rate, unique response rate, surveys completed, etc
  • Campaign and Page Level Detail Reports showing fine detail on pURL activity within each landing page
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthy traffic as well as period-wise tracking between blocks of time
  • Click Metrics on where prospects are clicking within the landing page itself
  • Form and Survey analysis on a rollup and granular level
  • Visit metrics with the ability to a/b test various landing pages
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