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We’ve been hard a work for the past few months to add new capabilities to the page and email template editor (and update/enhance existing features). As many of our existing clients know, we are always reaching out to learn what is causing roadblocks in the platform. The template editor is so important to so many clients, we’ve dedicated this release to making it easier, faster and better. Some of the changes include:

Over the past few months we’ve been talking with surveying and talking with our customers to find ways to make Boingnet v2 easier, faster and more convenient to use. We’ve recently begun releasing several new features that were direct requests from our customers. While there’s much more to come, we’re excited to show you what is now live in Boingnet. If you’d like a demonstration or to just talk about these features, just Contact Us.

Marketers who care about better campaign results are rapidly turning to responsive design for email and landing pages. “Responsive Design” is yet another bit of marketing tech jargon (we in the tech business really like to confuse people with our terminology) that has exploded upon the world. In it’s simplest definition, responsive design is the practice of using a particular set of technologies that enables content to be viewed in an optimal way on devices with screens of varying sizes. As the world has rapidly shifted it’s content consumption habits to include mobile devices and tablets, marketers and the technologists that support them have scrambled to develop a common way of delivering that content in a mobile friendly way, without having to maintain multiple sets of software code. Thus, the birth of responsive design.

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