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Boingnet version 2 update

Checking in – Boingnet version 2 updateBoingnet version 2 update - multichannel

If you’ve had any discussions with the folks here at Boingnet, you can tell that anticipation is building for version 2 of the Boingnet platform. We’ve been hard at work coding away at this completely new version. Our vision for Boingnet has expanded, and we are intent on becoming the go to platform for marketers, direct marketers and digital agencies to use for any and all Personalized Marketing campaigns. Early feedback we’ve received from customers and agency partners who have been helping us test has been tremendous, and we are looking forward to rolling out the new version in the next few months. In addition to a major refresh on the user experience, taking into account requests from our customers and partners, we are rolling out tons of new capabilities, including:

  • A complete user interface/user experience update
  • A new Campaign/Channel based approach to Boingnet campaigns. Channels are considered the delivery mechanism for a campaign, and can range from Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Web based campaigns, Google Adword Campaigns, Mobile/SMS and social campaigns.
  • New editor capabilities & user interface update
  • New Personal URL campaign capabilities
  • Email marketing – enabling Boingnet customers to publish email based campaigns using the same template & editor driven approach that’s been used to create pURL & QR Code campaigns for years. Imagine, your print and email campaigns built with the same editor, using the same reports, and driving prospects back to the same pURL’s to be converted to leads or customers.
  • Integrated Drip Marketing – Boingnet will automatically follow up with your prospects/customers based upon rules that you establish. Email “drips” will be generated to trickle out to campaign lists when you want and how you want. Drip Marketing moves customers through your marketing funnel and presents highly qualified leads to your sales people.
  • Mobile Marketing via SMS will be the next channel to roll out – either with or shortly after the primary release
  • Social Marketing via Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and other social networks will come soon afterward

We’ll keep you informed as we finish up & roll out our new product. Combined with our upcoming move into newer, bigger space, Boingnet is poised to really take off!

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