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Facebook Likes – is it really that simple?

Facebook Likes - not a marketing plan | Boingnet

Facebook Likes – the extent of marketing vision?

Facebook Likes – not a marketing plan

One of Boingnet’s favorites in the marketing blogosphere is Jeff Bullas (check out his social media blog at His posts are thoughtful and typically avoid the buzziness (a new word?) that marketers focused on particularly hot topics, like social media marketing in 2013. Jeff’s recent post “Why Chasing Facebook Likes is Not Clever Social Media Marketing”  really struck a chord with us.

Conceptually, we believe strongly that in today’s world, where consumers expect to be able to engage with a brand through any channel at any time, when it is convenient for them, marketers need to be thinking much more cohesively.  It has often struck us that the obsession Facebook has created around gathering Facebook “Likes” is a bit of a self-serving branding campaign on the part of Facebook, that does little to actually accomplish any measurable business goals for a business. Getting a “Like” should be thought of as the beginning of engagement via a channel that a consumer values, rather than a goal unto itself.

Boingnet believes that marketing initiatives, such as campaigns on Facebook, need to be integrated into broader marketing strategies that are focused on driving real business metrics, including old fashioned things like “sales” . As we roll social media strategies into Boingnet v2, we’ll stay focused on these ideas.

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