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Mass Innovation Nights #MIN57

As long time supporters of the startup community in Greater Boston, Boingnet was really excited when we were invited to participate in Mass Innovation Nights #MIN57 on December 11th.  Mass Innovation Nights is a monthly showcase of up and coming companies that has grown over the years to become a local institution of the innovation community in Eastern Massachusetts.  Founded by the effervescent Bobbie Carlton, MassInno (in the local parlance) attracts cool companies of all shapes and sizes to either launch a new product (as in our case) or launch a new business. Given our recent announcements around Boingnet v2, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. You can check out the pics from the event on this Flickr page.

Quincy Center for Innovation – hosts for Mass Innovation Nights #MIN57

Collaborative working spaces are popping up all over the country in areas that support thriving startup communities (a phrase coined and concept promoted by Brad Feld, a thought leader and driving force in the early stage tech world). Many of these spaces exist in Boston and Cambridge, all with different twists and angles. Out in the ‘burbs or in the Boston Inner Core Cities there have always been a lot of great office parks and cool downtown buildings to host your startup, but nothing like accelerators, incubators and co-lo spaces that exist in Boston and Cambridge. That changed with the recent opening of the Quincy Center for Innovation. The QCI is a collaborative work Boingnet Personalized Landing Page Demoenvironment for startups and small companies that offers mentorship, beautiful space and a full suite of resources, services and events that can help propel early stage businesses to success. Best of all, it is located in Quincy, a bustling city with a massive downtown renovation project that sits within easy driving distance from the South Shore suburbs and a 20 minute ride of the Red Line from South Station in Boston. The QCI was the perfect setting for a night highlighting great startups and companies from Quincy and the South Shore.

Boingnet Personalized Landing Page Demo – Candy Clicks

Boingnet was fortunate enough to have landed a coveted presentation spot at #MIN57, so we had to come up with something fun to present Boingnet v2’s general awesomeness.  Since the Holiday Season is upon us and we love anything to do with confection, we developed an interactive demo that had the audience point to a search page. After clicking the appropriate PPC ad for the type of candy they wanted to win, the browsers (mostly mobile) were directed to Boingnet Lead Generation Landing Pages that asked for names, emails & mobile phone #’s. Instantly, these landing pages were converted to Personalized Landing Pages with pURL’s generated for each participant.  The audience also received personalized emails and/or text messages, based on what was entered. At the end of the presentation, we gave away 3 boxes of spectacular Watson’s Candy in a random drawing.  We ended up having a lot of laughs and meeting some great people, all while showing how Boingnet can create unique, personalized landing page experiences.

Try the Boingnet Candy Click Demo yourself

We got such good reaction from the demonstration, we thought we’d open it up to anyone to see how Boingnet can work (note, we disabled the text messaging after the giveaway). Here’s how to try it yourself:

  1. Point your browser to (or click) 
  2. Choose one of the Watson’s Candy ads (in red) on the right of the search page
  3. Fill out the form on the PPC landing page (we won’t keep your data unless you want us to)
  4. Check out your personalized page, with a pURL created for you and variable content built based on your actions from the previous pages

The demo is a great example of how Boingnet can be used to create beautiful Lead Generation pages (in this case for a PPC campaign) that can immediately convert to Personalized Landing Pages & pURL’s that give marketers the ability to target messages and content on a one to one basis. There’s nothing else available today that gives marketers the ability to attract traffic, convert that traffic into personalized interactions, and track it all on an individual level.

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