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Landing Pages – the Key to Higher Conversion Webinar

How are Landing Pages the Key to Higher Conversion?

(Note – the 1st minute is dead air – fast forward through the first minute to watch the webinar)

[Webinar Recording] Landing Pages: the Key to Higher Conversion from Agile Education Marketing on Vimeo.

The Boingnet team had a ball working with the great folks at Agile Education Marketing as we prepared and presented a ton of great content in the webinar titled “Landing Pages – the Key to Higher Conversion”.  Boingnet CEO Dennis Kelly reviewed what landing pages are, why they are useful, the 3 most common types of landing page, and what makes landing pages successful or not.

Friendly URL’s vs. Personal URL’s

Included in the review was an overview of URL naming, showing the differences between “Friendly” and “Unfriendly” URL’s and also the new trend in email marketing, Personal URL’s or pURL’s. Personalized content on landing pages can now easily be created with marketing automation platforms that generate pURL’s with content that can be defined by variables. A discussion of the multi-channel and cross-channel nature of landing pages is next, and how marketers are discovering that the same attributes that have lead to extensive usage for online PPC and SEM campaigns make landing pages for offline campaigns great solutions.

Why Home Pages aren’t Landing Pages

A recurring theme throughout the presentation was that Home Pages are NOT LANDING PAGES. While the online marketing world has adopted landing pages as the best way to capture & convert traffic, email marketers and offline marketers – those involved in direct mail, print, radio & TV media, haven’t yet come around. A deep dive ensues, with a Super Bowl commercial featuring Samuel L Jackson involved. The logical result of a commercial with no directed URL and the diagnosis of the brand’s home page as a poor substitute for a landing page helps illustrate the point.

Landing Page Review & Critique

Finally, Dennis reviews several submitted landing pages and points out the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches used, and how Boingnet would think about modifying the page to optimize the landing page conversion metrics. Click-through pages, Lead Generation Landing Pages and Personalized Pages using Geographic parameters are all reviewed & discussed. The webinar ended with some great Q&A from the audience. We’d like to thank the team at Agile as well as all of the attendees for a great afternoon!

Want to check out the slides? Check them out in Slideshare!

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