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DMA 14 – Boingnet Wrap Up

DMA 14 – Lightweight Marketing Automation was a hit!

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On October 25th, the Boingnet Team headed to San Diego for the annual DMA 14 marketing conference. Our team was especially looking forward to the event and the opportunity to connect with businesses from around the world (and enjoy some nice San Diego weather!). The conference was very successful, as the DMA membership really connected with our lightweight marketing automation platform, and our booth was one of the most visited at the conference. Here are all the details about Boingnet at the 2014 DMA.

Why Lightweight Marketing Automation & A Fun Booth = Success

Each of the four days were very busy on the trade-show floor as our team took turns talking to prospects and showing demos of our product.  Many people were intrigued buy our tagline “lightweight marketing automation” and were eager to learn about what makes our platform different from other marketing automation companies. When we explained that “Lightweight” means easy to use, fast to set up and affordable for both small businesses and agencies, we got a record number of requests for demonstrations. The audience enjoyed our fun animated videos describing Boingnet and how it works for SMB’s and agencies with our unique white label solution. Everyone noticed that this years audience was more attuned to how marketing technology is critical part of the marketing landscape, which allowed us to better to connect with new leads.

Since our famous Boingnet Ping-Pong balls were a hit at last year’s DMA conference in Chicago, this year we upped the creativity with our take on a beer pong game. And everyone loved it. People that played the game were entered into our GoPro giveaway and sparked a conversation about our marketing platform. Not only was our booth busy the entire day (we didn’t even have time to eat!) but also our team had a blast connecting with prospects. On the last day of the conference, we announced Joseph D’Amato from Gartner as our winner of our GoPro Giveaway. Since he said that if he won he would be his kid’s hero, we were a little extra excited that he won our random drawing. There’s no doubt that marketers like to have fun. Combine a fun booth with a great tagline & product, and you get DMA 14 success.

Boingnet Booth DMA 14

Alec and Chas at Boingnet’s Booth

Boingnet Ping Pong DMA 14

Ping Pong Table at Boingnet’s Booth

FINAL- Cropped Woman

Woman Playing our Go Pro Giveaway Game

Boingnet Ping Pong DMA

Guy About to Make His Ping Pong Shot

 Boingnet Product Launch – A Bounce in A New Direction

Alec Cropped 2 DMA

Alec Talking With New Leads

The most important part of our DMA 14 efforts was the groundbreaking launch of our new marketing automation platform. Our new features are built for SMB’s and Agencies to easily capture, nurture and convert leads across multiple channels. The new Boingnet Drip Nurture Campaigns combine drip marketing with lead nurturing capabilities to ensure more and better qualified leads throughout the sales process. What makes our platform unique is that it is lightweight, meaning it is easy, fast and affordable. At the DMA 14, prospective customers were excited to see a lightweight marketing solution that actually works for SMBs and Agencies, unlike other larger and expensive marketing automation platforms. We understand that marketers today want to simplify the marketing/sales process, and that’s exactly what our updated platform does. Our team successfully launched Boingnet’s new features at the conference and it was exciting to see SMBs and Agencies intrigued by our updated platform.

Thoughts about DMA 14 – From The Team

Here’s what the Boingnet Team had to say about their experience at the DMA 14.

“Attending My First DMA Conference in San Diego this year was a great experience – even though I felt a bit guilty hanging on every word of Magic Johnson’s Keynote speech! Our team met a lot of promising business partners that will help strengthen and grow our network.” Chas Rubino 


“The highlight for me was meeting so many people that expressed interest in learning more about our story. When we’d spend a minute talking about what Lightweight Marketing Automation means, I found that the universal response was an enthusiastic “Right On.” It seems as though there’s a real hunger out there for the power of marketing automation to be delivered in a package that is easy, fast and affordable to implement.”   Dennis Kelly 


“This year’s DMA was especially exciting with the release of our Drip Nurture Campaigns. It was great to connect with SMBs and Agencies that were searching for a marketing platform that can successfully target and nurture leads. Our cross channel platform uses revolutionary drip technology with nurture capabilities to convert those leads into happy, loyal customers.”  Alec Graziano 


Looking Ahead – What To Expect From Boingnet 

As we look forward to the upcoming months, Boingnet is entering an exciting new growth phase. We’ve been working really hard at building out our vision of Lightweight Marketing Automation, and much of the core componentry is in place. The DMA 14 conference reaffirmed that businesses are looking for a platform that is cost effective, easy to use and drives sales. As we roll into 2015, expect to see amazing new ways for marketers and agencies to generate leads, nurture them and turn them into loyal customers using all different channels and means.



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