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Top 20 Most User Friendly Marketing Automation Software

most user friendly marketing automation software - Boingnet is really happy

We felt like Kermit The Frog after the announcement

We received an unexpected, but very pleasant surprise this week when we were notified by Capterra that Boingnet was named one of the “Top 20 Most User Friendly” in the Marketing Automation Category.

Capterra is a Gartner company that specializes in conducting independent reviews as well as aggregating customer reviews of software for businesses. Making the Top 20 Most User Friendly Marketing Automation is a big deal, as there are nearly 400 solutions that Capterra tracks in the category!

Dashboards, Analytics and Customer Service Earn The Ranking

We spoke with the analyst who led the review of the Boingnet platform. Here’s what she said:

“Boingnet recently was highlighted in one of Capterra’s Top 20 marketing automation reports,” said Rachel Wille, Senior Senior Product Research Analyst at Capterra, a marketing software reviews hub. “Capterra’s Most User-Friendly Marketing Automation report determines the top 20 marketing automation solutions based on ease of use. Our research team tests marketing automation software on a list of tasks to determine which software is easiest to navigate as well as responses from the customer service team. Boingnet’s data and analytics dashboard caught our research team’s attention, and was a big reason why Boingnet ranked in the top 15.”

The ONLY Personalized URL Marketing Solution

What we’re most proud of is that Boingnet is the only direct mail, multi-channel marketing focused solution to make the cut. Boingnet is laser focused on building the most user friendly solution for direct mail marketers to drive their audiences online, where personalization and tracking take over.

There are many new, innovative features that lead to the Capterra award. Recent updates that have had a huge impact on our user-friendly reputation include:

You won’t see features like these in any other multi-channel marketing solution. By focusing on direct marketers, along with the agencies and printers that support them, we’ve built Boingnet to solve the unique challenges that face the offline to online marketing world.

Most User Friendly Marketing Automation – It’s About You

most user friendly marketing automation software - capterra awardSeveral of these enhancements have come directly from client suggestions. We take your feedback very seriously.

As excited as we are, we still have more work to do.

Boingnet is ranked #13 on the list, meaning we have 12 companies to pass in order to reach our goal.

Many of them are bigger, more established and have more resources. We don’t care. We’ll continue to work harder, smarter and be more focused on you, our clients.  We’re building a great company, with wonderful employees and even better customers.

Give Boingnet A Review

If you’d like share your thoughts about Boingnet online, click here. It’s fast and simple, and will help people from around the world get a better understanding of what we’re about.

We also take your comments and thoughts to heart. If you have anything you’d like to tell us – good, bad or indifferent, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

You never know, your suggestion might be the thing that takes us to #1.

Check out the full Capterra Most User-Friendly Marketing Automation Software Review 

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