Seamless Integrations 

Integrate With Salesforce, HubSpot + over 600 Web Apps

Boingnet has created fast, easy ways to integrate your existing marketing or CRM tools and processes with Boingnet.
Get out of the box API integrations, easy point and click integrations with over 600 applications with Zapier or custom integrations with virtually any platform known to man. Boingnet Integrations give you:

  • List import and custom field mapping
  • Web Form saves in native CRM systems
  • Personalized URL creation when triggers occur in 3rd party systems
  • Dozens of use cases across hundreds of applications with our custom integrations

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Zapier Integration with Boingnet

Zapier – Connect To Over 600 Apps

Zapier is an incredible new technology that lets web based applications to talk to each other in a simple, easy & affordable way. With Zapier, you can easily connect Boingnet with CRM’s like Sugar, Nimble or Zoho, web page/form tools like Gravity, Wufoo or Unbounce, or even other marketing apps like Lob, Thankster or Calldrip.

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Generate Personalized URLs for a direct mail or email campaigns from your list. Boingnet makes it easy & fast with our API Integration (Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited Users). You can also capture leads in Boingnet landing pages and save them to Salesforce (all editions) with our Lead Form integration.

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Mailchimp Boingnet Integration

Use Your Mailchimp Lists In Boingnet

You’ve been using Mailchimp for years to blast out your newsletters. Boingnet integrates with Mailchimp to extend the power of your list data with all of Boingnet’s features. Generate pURLs for direct mail campaigns, integrated email/landing page campaigns or use the power of Boingnet’s drip campaigns, without needing to do any export/import from Mailchimp.

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Hubspot Integration with Boingnet

Combine Inbound with Outbound

HubSpot practically invented the inbound marketing movement. Use Boingnet’s outbound marketing tools to leverage your HubSpot investment for personalized multi channel marketing campaigns. Boingnet is the best tool for using HubSpot data for direct mail integration with personalized URLs and personalized landing pages.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with Boingnet

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM Magazine’s “Small Business CRM Suite Winner” has deep sales force automation capabilities. Use the Dynamics API tools to integrate Boingnet lists and forms to create cross channel campaigns with easy to use personalization. Grab a list, generate personalized landing pages or microsites and let Boingnet forms update Dynamics as the leads roll in.

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Boingnet Custom Integrations

Custom Integrations

Do you have legacy systems that you need to tie into your marketing campaigns? Or would you just like leads generated by Boingnet campaigns dropped into a .CSV file on an FTP server? However simple or complex your integration needs are, Boingnet can quickly and affordably develop custom integrations to keep your team operating at peak efficiency.

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