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Edit Your Account

To edit your account profile, go to the main navigation bar and click on your account.  Next, select Profile.

My Account - Profile


From Profile you can edit your login details, profile information, and billing information.  This information must be filled out in order to use Boingnet. In addition to the Profile Tab there are 6 other tabs that are helpful when managing your account.

Change Plan

In Change Plan, you can select a plan that fits your marketing needs and your budget perfectly.  There are multiple plans that allow for different tiers of contacts.  The more contacts you have, the more emails and texts you can send each month.

My Account - Change Plan

Buy Credits

Buy Credits is where you can purchase credits that allow you to run campaigns through Boingnet.  In order to do this, select the number of credits that you wish to buy – personal URLs, Email, Landing Pages etc and click the purchase button.  If multiple types of credits are purchased at the same time, the total payment will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

My Account - Buy Credits


Credits Order History

Credits Order History displays all of the credits that your account has purchased by showing the date purchased, the credit type, the quantity, and the total cost.

My Accounts Credit Order History

Monthly Invoice

Monthly Invoice allows you to review and download past invoices.

My Account - Monthly Invoices

Payment Method

Payment Method lets you add or update your credit card for Monthly and On Demand transactions.

My Account - Payment Method


Integrations allows you to view and manage your integrations and the API key that link lists on your Boingnet account to their external data provider or CRM.  Each CRM, such as MailChimp, HubSpot or Salesforce.com etc will have its own API key and associated information.  This page allows you to easily keep track of all your integrations and the key information for each one.  In the example below, we have configured integrations with ADF XML, MailChimp and Salesforce.com.  Note that the information for each Plugin (API Key, Password, Token etc) is displayed.

My Account - Integrations



Domains allows you to manage the domains used for your Boingnet campaigns.  For a detailed article on setting up domains – see “How To Search, Buy And Manage Domains

My Account - Domains

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