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How to Add a Button to Your Navigation Bar




To add a new button to the navigation bar that appears at the top of your template:

  • Edit the Template.
  • Select any link on the navigation bar.
  • Click the Source button on the toolbar to reveal the template’s HTML.




In the source, find the following code:

<ul-class=”topnav nav na-pills”>

To add another button labeled “Knowledgebase” on your navigation bar, copy and paste the last line of that paragraph as follows:




Once you have pasted the new line of HTML, change the copied name, in this case, <Last>, to the name of the new button you want to add, in this case, <Knowledgebase>:




Click the green OK button to save your changes.  The new navigation button will now appear in your template, but it won’t be linked to anything yet:




To link your new navigation button to the appropriate resource, follow the steps to add a link:




  • Highlight the new button.
  • Click the link icon on the toolbar.
  • In the box that appears, enter the URL of the page you want to link this button to, in this case:
  • Click the green OK button.

Your new navigation button is now linked to the URL you specified.

Click Save when you are done editing your template.


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