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Boingnet Microsites – for deeper engagement than single landing pages

Boingnet Microsites allow you to roll out highly contextual mini websites on topics that a single landing page may not be sufficient for.  Using Boingnet you can easily aggregate your related landing pages into a microsite, and use that microsite in conjunction with your existing campaigns, lists, pURLs, and other Boingnet collateral.  Marketers are using Boingnet Microsites to provide multi page micro-sites to support content marketing, email marketing, pay per click and pURL marketing campaigns. Flexible URL assignment, SEO friendly meta descriptions and on the fly editing give marketers the ability to create Boingnet microsites to achieve lead generation or personalized marketing goals.

In this section you will learn how to create microsites, edit them, integrate them with your campaigns, and use your microsites to their full potential!

Below are some ideas and resources to help think through the ways that Boingnet Microsites can help drive your marketing efforts:

Boingnet Microsite Features Boingnet Microsites

  • Responsive Designed, Mobile Ready templates
  • Unlimited pages connected within Microsites
  • Profile driven personalization
  • Variable logic drives visitors through sub pages
  • Landing Page Designer – Point, Click, Drag, Drop, Edit
  • Full, real time HTML editing within the Landing Page Designer
  • Integrated Autoresponder Emails
  • Web Form Creation
  • Pre-filled Web forms
  • Surveys that are mobile ready, multiple pages with variable content & logic
  • Click Tracking – with alerts & detailed reports on activity
  • Downloadable files, images, videos
  • Notification Email on form fill and/or download
  • Notification email on page open
  • Multiple Domain formats for different campaigns
  • Configurable, SEO Friendly URL Management
  • Personal URL configuration & management
  • Real time campaign managementBoingnet Microsites page 2
  • QR Code Generation – lead generation  or personalized
  • Test Mode – Test out forms, links, submits, compatibility
  • Detailed Microsite  Analytics
  • Google Map Integration

Microsite Resources

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