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Agency Edition – White Label Dashboard

Organize Your Client Campaigns – Keep Your Brand Front And Center

Boingnet’s Agency Edition gives you a powerful white label dashboard with tools:

  • To manage your account
  • Organize your client Sub Accounts, and
  • To set up your white label reporting portal

Your Agency Edition dashboard acts as your Boingnet control panel. For more information about the Agency Edition – Contact Us.

Agency Edition White Label Dashboard

Your Account Management

The middle left panel of the white label dashboard contains your plan information. Agency Account Section - White Label Dashboard

“Contacts” is the total number of contacts available in your plan, and how many are available for you to upload before hitting your limit.

Emails, MaxProtect, Domains, Landing & SMS all show the number of credits available to you at any point in time.

You can always buy additional credits or change your plan (for more or fewer contacts) here as well.

Your Client Portal URL

The upper left panel displays your client portal URL. It is configured in the following pattern: This is the URL to give your clients for them to log in to download their reports and campaign performance.

portal URL - White Label Dashboard is a generic domain that we reserve for you. As a reminder, choose a user name that you feel comfortable distributing to your clients.

Your Logo

To keep your brand in front of your clients on their portal, you can upload your logo into Boingnet. In the upper right hand panel, you can add your logo to your white label dashboard.

Upload Logo - White Label Dashboard

As you can see, the logo should be sized to 100 pixels (width) by 42 pixels (height), and should be in .PNG format.

Your Clients

The bottom panel of your dashboard is where you set up your clients and manage their campaigns. A client account (or Sub Account) is a unique Boingnet account for your client.

*Important* – often, Agency Edition clients will set up a client or Sub Account for themselves. They’ll use that Sub Account for their own marketing campaigns, keeping them separated from client work that is conducted. Many clients set themselves up as their first Sub Account and will run self promotion campaigns to start, before they move on to client campaigns.

Each Sub Account you add to your Agency Dashboard will have its own dashboard and it’s own profile, domain, lists, assets, templates, and campaigns.

In addition, each Sub Account can be granted access to your white label reporting portal. Your clients can view their reports without accessing your Agency account or modifying any campaign content. You remain in control of the campaign at all times.

To add a Sub Account to your Agency Dashboard:

  • Login to your Agency account and scroll down to the bottom of the Home Page to the Your Clients section
  • Click the Add New Client button:

Add new client - White Label Dashboard


On the next page, under Login Details:

  •    Enter a User Name for this Sub Account
  •    Enter a password
  •    Confirm the password

*Important* – the user name and password that you establish are the credentials for your client to log in to the client portal. You can distribute the URL with the credentials to your clients. Each will be able to access the reporting for only the campaigns you conduct within their Sub Account.

login details - White Label Dashboard


Next, enter all the information under Profile Information. 

profile info - White Label Dashboard


Note that the email address you enter under the Profile Information will be used for system notifications, such as the emails received when uploading a contact list.

Enter all the information under Billing Information.  If this matches the information for the Profile, you may check the ‘same as profile’ box:


billing info - White Label Dashboard


Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.  Your new Sub Account will be added.

Managing Campaigns

After you’ve created a client or Sub Account, you can begin setting up campaigns. To access specific client campaigns, upload lists, configure PURL or landing page domains, begin building templates or any other campaign related work, click the “Manage” button for the appropriate client account:

client edit and manage buttons - White Label Dashboard

To modify the client user name, password, or other account information, click the “Edit” button.

Your client’s login

Your clients will need to use the Sub Account User Name and Password entered under the Login Details  to access the reporting portal:

client login - White Label Dashboard


The reporting portal will only give your client’s access to their campaign’s reports:

client reports - - White Label Dashboard

More Information

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us or give us a ring at 800-264-6420.

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