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Keeping prospects engaged…drip by drip

Drip campaigns are one of the most effective and popular new ways for businesses to engage and interact with consumers. And thanks to the rapid emergence of affordable, lightweight marketing automation solutions, the floodgates have opened for businesses of all sizes to to deploy new and exciting marketing tactics like drip campaigns – something that’s been traditionally out of their reach in the past.

At Boingnet, we use the broad term “Drip Marketing” to define the overall practice of sending regular marketing messages in an effort to remain relevant with users while building brand awareness and viability. At a more granular level, we divide the umbrella term “Drip Marketing” into two distinctive tactics: Drip Campaigns and Drip Nurturing.

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Restaurant content marketing, much like the restaurant industry as a whole, is a highly specialized discipline. The services, products and experiences that restaurants create are completely unlike those of any other segment of the broader retail market. Thus, the marketing automation needed to sell these products and services must be more specialized to the needs and concerns of their clients. The opportunity to apply content marketing principles to restaurant marketing are immense – we are increasingly interested in how our food is prepared, where it comes from, the personalities and stories behind our food. Restaurant content marketing is now a fast growing segment of the broader marketing automation world.

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