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Meet the Boingnet Team: Get to Know Chas

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Meet Charles “Chas” Rubino, a Business Development Evangelist at Boingnet. A dedicated member of the Boingnet team, Chas is looking forward to a great 2015 for work and in his personal life. Read more to learn about Chas’ love for outdoor sports, his favorite places to go around the South Shore and see why he plans to wear more Hawaiian shirts in 2015.


Chas Rubino - Boingnet

How did you get started working for Boingnet and what is your role? 

I was recruited to work at Boingnet while I was working at a local Marketing Agency where I was using different marketing automation solutions. I had some expertise in marketing automation, something that our CEO Dennis Kelly strongly believed would be beneficial for a position in business development. So as a Business Development Evangelist at Boingnet I am in charge of a lot of the day-to-day inbound and outbound sales activities. What’s unique about my evangelist role is that I can speak with authority and offer advice to our clients because I have been in their shoes at one point or another.


What do you like best about your Business Development role at Boingnet?

I really enjoy engaging with people, starting a conversation and eventually getting to the point where they are running successful marketing campaigns. It’s great to see a project through from conception to completion. I enjoy the whole process- brainstorming and strategy to the deployment of different Boingnet campaigns.


What are you most excited about for the company in 2015?

I am looking forward to watching the company grow in a number of ways. It’s always exciting being here and watching the product grow, as we are constantly building out different software features. I love using our software on a daily basis and testing it on my own business development campaigns. I’m excited to watch our company grow in size of employees and to acquire new customers.


Speaking of the New Year, do you have a New Year’s resolution for 2015?

Well, every New Year’s day my friends and I do a charity polar plunge and jump into the ocean. Since we are in the Boston area, it is always so cold and the water is freezing. Our tradition is to wear Hawaiian shirts to the after-party of the plunge. From this, we decided that our New Year’s resolution is to wear more Hawaiian shirts in 2015. And of course, health, wealth and happiness.


What are your favorite interests outside of work?

My favorite interests are mostly sports and anything outdoor related. I coach lacrosse for a club program year round and I coach my former High School lacrosse team in the spring. As far as outdoor sports go, some of my favorite things to do are ski during the winter and then surf, boat and fish in the summer. I also enjoy following all of the Boston sports teams.


If you had to pick one, what is your favorite Boston Sports team?

I would have to go with the New England Patriots because I find football to be the most enjoyable to watch. But next would be the Celtics and the Red Sox.


Where can we find you on the weekends in the winter?

If I have the time I like to go up to my friends condo at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. If not, you can probably find me spending time with friends in the South Shore or coaching lacrosse.


What’s your favorite place to hang out with friends around the South Shore?

Since I am from Scituate, I love going to TKO Malley’s – that’s kind of everyone’s favorite spot around town. For going out to dinner I enjoy Riva and a new place called The Galley.


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

I think that would be a 50-50 fight between pasta and pizza. I don’t think I have ever been sick of either pasta or pizza and I’m always happy to have either when anyone suggests it. Already I probably eat pasta twice during the week and pizza at least once over the weekend.


What’s one important thing you have learned so far working at Boingnet?

Software. I had only worked with software from a user’s perspective in the past. Now I can confidently tell people about our “Robust API” (Company Joke).


What do you think are some of the keys for a successful career at a startup company?

I guess the biggest thing is that everyone needs to work together and be on the same page to help each other and the company grow. It is important to have the ability to take a step back, look at what’s been done and adapt if necessary. In a startup, you are literally creating the process.

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