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Easy Marketing Automation – Now Easier

Boingnet Update Makes Marketing Automation Easy

User Experience Refresh Enhances Boingnet Usability

With a goal of continuing to hide complexity and make easy marketing automation software even easier, we’ve updated the user interface throughout Boingnet with a modern, flat design that is consistent with current web design trends and delivers a better experience for our agency and marketing team clients.  We’ve seen several landing page & microsite campaigns roll out through Boingnet using flat design recently, and so we decided to join the movement.  Here’s a good overview of how several industry leaders, including Google, Microsoft and Apple have embraced flat design as a part of their efforts to ensure a smooth, consistent user experience across devices. Additionally, we’ve consolidated several rows of buttons into “Action” buttons and anchored the Boingnet Knowledgebase Help on the right side of the screen. Look for further evolution of the Boingnet user experience in upcoming releases.

Boingnet Flat Design Update


Why is this important? Because Boingnet is laser focused on making easy marketing automation tools and services that help you grow. By staying current with the latest in web design trends, you’ll be able to get more done, more quickly. Read on to learn more:

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Mobile Friendly Boingnet Update

Mobile Friendly – Responsive Design

Since the launch of Boingnet v2, mobile friendly, responsive designed email & landing page templates have been at the core of the product. Now, with the implementation of Bootstrap throughout the Boingent user interface, users of Boingnet have a much better experience across a range of screen sizes. Tablet, small laptop and even large phones are now able to be used more effectively to manage templates and campaigns.



Easy, Fast & Affordable

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How can you roll out easy marketing automation?

Set up Drip Nurture Campaigns – in minutes.Drip Nurture Campaign Updates - Boingnet

Drip campaigns are the fastest growing feature in Boingnet, and it’s no surprise. Only Boingnet can kick off nurture streams from actions that occur on a personal URL (pURL), as well as email and list actions.

We’ve added lots of new features to Drip Nurture Campaigns, including:

  • Simplified, color coded User Interface
  • Repeat Conditions – let your nurture steps repeat until particular actions occur
  • Stop Conditions – create the condition for a nurture campaign to end or for a repeating step to move on
  • Go To Conditions – easily jump to other areas of the nurture campaign based on behavioral conditions

Interested in learning more?  Build a Drip

Simplified Web Form & Template Builders

We are continually looking for ways to make complex web & email concepts seem simple and natural to marketers, while still giving those with advanced tech skills the tools they need to work quickly & effectively. This release includes an overhaul of our Web Forms Interface, as well as several refinements in our Page & Email Template Builder Interface.


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