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Create QR Code Campaign Success with Boingnet

QR Codes work. Seriously. If you don’t agree, maybe you’re just doing it wrong. Because while some marketers have dismissed QR codes as a passing fad, just like the old man being carried towards the cart in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, QR codes are “not quite dead yet”. In fact, according to a recent survey, 66% of marketers that create QR Code programs (especially with relevant landing pages and drip email follow-up) find the process to be either effective or very effective.

Create QR Code

QR Codes work, especially in Asia where they grace nearly every conceivable surface…even tombstones

QR codes are quite successful in many parts of the world, particularly in Asia where they seem to be pop up everywhere, even on tombstones. And while they haven’t caught on the same way in the US, you can’t blame the technology. If anything, we should be blaming those who have misused them over the years: Marketers.  After all, who thought it would be a good idea to put a QR code on a billboard 150 feet from the road? What about putting them on subway tunnels with no wifi, or buses that fly down the street at 45 mph? Come on, guys. You’re better than that.

When used correctly as part of a multi-channel marketing campaign, QR codes can be a very creative way to dramatically improve response rates. They let businesses connect offline customers with online content in an engaging and interactive fashion. And many consumers are buying in, especially the younger generations.

Engage with Younger Generations Using QR Codes with Direct Mail 

Create QR Code

Companies can get good response rates when they Create QR Code Campaigns targeted towards younger audiences.

Perhaps the best way to know if a technology will ever take off or not is to see if the younger generations are adopting it. And the younger generations are scanning QR codes a lot more than you might think.

Between 20 and 30 percent of adults aged 18-34 regularly scan QR Codes, particularly when they receive direct mail.  Now consider the fact that there are more than 80 million Smartphone users in the US alone between the ages of 18 and 34. That means that between 16-24 million users in this age bracket regularly scan QR codes.

Finally, combine that with the fact that 73% of younger consumers actually prefer snail mail over other advertising methods, and you can see how a campaign that integrates a QR Code with Direct Mail and Mobile Responsive Landing Page can be incredibly effective, especially if you add a drip nurturing email campaign that kicks off when the user visits your landing page/microsite.

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Add a Drip Nurturing Component when you Create a QR Code Campaign

Statistics show that Drip Nurturing, or “Triggered Emails” sent as a result of an action taken, result in open rates that are 60% higher and click through rates that are 116% higher than business-as-usual marketing emails. When added to a QR Code, a Drip Nurturing Campaign can be automatically kicked off after a user scans your code and takes an action on your landing page (e.g. downloading research, requesting a free trial, or submitting a request for information). At this point, the user is considered “un-nurtured lead”, and is automatically dropped into a segmentation bucket based on their displayed interests and set to begin receiving relevant emails. Thus, the nurturing process begins.

For more information on creating a marketing campaign with QR Codes and Drip Nurturing, go here.

Create QR Code Landing Pages that are Mobile Friendly

While 90% percent of QR Codes direct users to a web page, just a small fraction of those “web pages” are actually concise and focused landing pages or microsites. QR codes are created to get users to take a specific action, but without a dedicated landing page and a clear call-to-action, you’re sending users on a wild goose chase to take the action you have in mind for them. But perhaps the most important thing to remember is: your landing page MUST BE MOBILE FRIENDLY. The only way a user will scan your QR Code is with a mobile device, so you can safely assume that this is a situation where designing mobile first is an absolute must. Imagine how you’d react if you went out of your way to scan a code only to be directed to a page they you couldn’t interact with!

Create QR Code

While I can appreciate the cool design of this QR Code, what is the incentive for me to scan this code? No offer? No thank you, USPS.

Find inventive and Effective ways to Continue Using Them

The best way to create QR Code effectiveness is to offer some sort of value that convinces users that you’re offering something worth taking their phone out for. Whether it’s a free giveaway, helpful information, a product discount, or even something fun and entertaining, you always want to make it clear up-front what the user will get when they scan.

Also, remember that anyone can go to a business’ website, so don’t make them scan your code only to send them directly to your web page. QR codes should give consumers access to something of value — either a special deal or discount, or to access additional information about the company or product. Whatever it is, make it something that will reward those customers who take the additional time and effort to engage with your business.

Embrace the Future…You Too, Apple

Perhaps the greatest push-back on QR codes (particularly in the US) has always been the scanner. Up until very recently, all Smartphone users would be forced to download an app to their device in order to scan a QR code.  This requires that you remember your password, which if you’re anything like me, is not an easy task. Android, however, now ships with a QR reader built in. And while it seemed as if Apple was embracing the technology by embedding a scanner in with iOS7, they did away with it for iOS8. Here’s hoping they soon see the light and bring it back.

Want to learn more about how you can Create QR Code Engagement in Boingnet? Contact us today!

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