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The Tech Is In the Mail – May 2016 NEDMA Presentation

NEDMA Main Hall - The Tech Is In The Mail

The Boingnet team had at great time at the NEDMA 2016 Annual Conference. From the keynote speakers to the incredibly useful breakout sessions, we were able to immerse ourselves in the new, cutting edge practices of outstanding marketers. Our table top booth in the main hall attracted plenty of action, as we were able to re-connect with clients and industry friends.

We had the opportunity to host a breakout session of our own, where we were able to talk about a topic that we are very passionate about- using direct mail and integrating it with marketing automation. Boingnet CEO,  Dennis Kelly spoke to a room that was so full, people were sitting on the floor. Here’s a quick summary of the “The Tech Is In The Mail” presentation:

The Great Marketing Divide: Direct and Digital

In recent years, the marketing world has evolved rapidly through the use of digital marketing.  Digital only marketers insist that instead of interrupting someone’s day to with a campaign, marketers should earn attention organically.  This digital, or inbound marketing has a radically different approach than older, more direct forms of marketing.  Instead of reaching out directly to potential leads, digital marketing engages with someone through methods such as opt-in email lists, blogging, and public speaking.  These newer forms of digital marketing have been proven to be extremely successful, but can take a long time to get established.

Although digital, or inbound, marketing has been proven to be successful and efficient, it does struggle to do things such as establishing awareness and creating enough leads.  These are areas of marketing that direct mail excels in.  However, how do successful marketers bridge the gap between two marketing techniques that are so different? By using PURLs.

PURLs Bridge the Great DivideThe Tech Is In The Mail - Dennis Kelly Presentation

PURLs, or personalized URLs, are a great way to link direct mail with inbound marketing.  PURLs can be sent out using direct mail and/or email.  Then, data can be collected based on who visits their PURL and who fills out the following form.  If someone does not visit the PURL, another email can be sent.  When leads respond to their PURL, they are added to the marketing automation nurturing campaigns.  By combining marketing automation and direct mail, PURLs connect these previously isolated marketing techniques.

Takeaways From Case Studies

While the combination of direct mail and PURLs are a recipe for success, creativity is also very important.  The best campaigns involve multiple steps rather than just email blasts and simple PURLs.  Incorporating segmentation to better grab someone’s attention is a simple way to personalize PURLs even more.  Once a connection has been established, retargeting someone through email and social media is a good way to continue marketing.

The Tech Is In The Mail – View The Slides


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