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email list cleaning - MaxProtect List Clean - BoingnetLower Your Email Bounce Rate

With email lists that deteriorate at 25% per year, email bounce rates naturally grow over time. When email bounce rates rise, your email gets filtered into spam folders, wasting your time, money and ruining your metrics. MaxProtect List Clean is a new email list cleaning service designed to scrub your email list prior to sending. With a click of a button, Boingnet clients get their list scrubbed and invalid addresses set aside.

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Email List Cleaning Keeps You Off Blacklists

Email marketing best practice experts all say that list quality is one of the most important factors in determining success or failure. In an ideal world, every email address on your list is pristine and verified, and you never worry about email blacklists. The real world is different, as often marketers have no way to verify their lists and run the risk of putting their entire email infrastructure on blacklists.

MaxProtect List Clean is an absolute must for:

  • Agencies and Marketing Services Providers that run campaigns for their clients
  • Marketers that send to the same list for more than 3 months
  • Anyone with bounce rates approaching 5%

 Get Affordable Email List Cleaning

MaxProtect List Clean is used by brands and agencies and non-profits of all sizes. Starting at only $9.50 for 1,000 MaxProtect Credits, you won’t find a better price for email list cleaning anywhere. One credit = one email address verified. The best part is, as a Boingnet On Demand feature, you only pay for it when you need it! MaxProtect List Clean joins Boingnet’s Spam Checker and integrated Domain Purchasing tools as unique, affordable features designed to improve and simplify the complexity that email deliverability can present to marketers.

Max Protect List Clean is a part of Boingnet Marketer Pro, with pricing starting as low as $299/month!

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 Clean Your Email List In 3 Simple Steps

Gone are the days when marketers needed multiple accounts, billing relationships, and lots of headaches involving uploading & downloading of lists in order to get their lists cleaned. MaxProtect List Clean is fully integrated into Boingnet’s list management console, and automatically connects to BriteVerify via software API’s. That means marketers can sleep well at night by following a few simple steps in Boingnet.

Step 1: Choose or upload your list

Boingnet’s list management console makes it easy to set up your new list or pick a list you’ve previously uploaded. To get started just choose the list you’re planning to send to, click the “Action” button and choose “Clean”:

Email List Cleaning - Boingnet Step 1

Step 2: Choose MaxProtect List Clean

You’ll next be prompted to click on “MaxProtect My List”. If you need to purchase MaxProtect Credits (1 credit per email address – so make sure you have enough to check your full list), you’ll see a quick link to purchase:

Email List Cleaning - Boingnet Step 2

Step 3: Let Boingnet & BriteVerify Do The Work

You can sit back & relax, or work on building beautiful, mobile responsive email templates with Boingnet while MaxProtect does it’s job. Most lists are cleaned in 20 minutes or less, large lists can take longer. We’ll send you an email when we’ve finished, you can then download your report and send your email campaign!

Email List Cleaning - Step 3 Boingnet

That’s it! Simple, fast & easy. If you’re interested in a more detailed breakdown of how it works, check out our Knowledgebase article.

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