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A Few Of Over 500 Applications That Work With Boingnet

Boingnet Zapier Integration - Eventbrite
Boingnet Zapier Go To Webinar Integration
Boingnet Zapier Integration with Woocommerce
Lob Integration with Boingnet with Zapier
Boingnet Zapier Integration with Thankster
Boingnet Zapier Integration with CallDrip
Sugar CRM Boingnet Integration With Zapier
Zoho CRM Boingnet Integration with Zapier
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Zapier SMS Boingnet Integration

You Just Got A Lot More Productive

Zapier is an easy to use, fast and affordable (sound familiar?) service that ties web applications together to improve workflow. With Boingnet’s Zapier integration, you can use applications like GoToWebinar for event registration and Boingnet for pre and post event marketing without any manual effort. Want to send those attendees a handwritten post card automatically? Boingnet can Trigger an Action with Thankster – a web service that can handle it for you. There are over 500 applications in the Zapier Directory that can now work with Boingnet, with names like Facebook, Twitter,, Slack, Google Sheets and more.

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What The Heck Is A Zap?

Zaps are Zapier-speak for each of these individual automations that tie specific processes together. Zapier integrations use Triggers (something that happens in an app that kicks off a process) and Actions (what occurs in the other app when the Trigger happens).

For example – When leads from your Boingnet campaign fills out a form (Trigger), you can mail to them a thank you postcard (Action).

To learn more about how Zapier works, check out their online guide: Learn How To Use Zapier

Use Boingnet Triggers and Actions With Any Zapier Partner

We’ve built out several Triggers and Actions using the Boingnet API, and there are a number of pre-built Zaps for you to use as well. It’s also very easy to build your own Zaps; just sign up for Zapier and Boingnet accounts and you can use our Triggers and Actions with any of the other 500 applications in the Zapier Directory.

Current Boingnet Triggers and Actions

You can use any of these Triggers and Actions to build your own Zap between Boingnet and any of the 500 plus web apps in Zapier’s directory. To kick things off, we’ve built 3 Triggers and 3 Actions that represent common integration points for Boingnet workflows. We plan to add more over time, so tell us any ideas you have for new ways that Boingnet can work with others in the directory for your benefit.

Current Triggers:

  • pURL Web Form Complete – Triggers when a contact submits a form from their personalized URL
  • New Contact Added – Triggers when a new contact is added to a Boingnet contact list
  • Email Clicked – Triggers when a contact clicks on a link in an email sent via Boingnet email or drip nurture campaign

Current Actions:

  • Create New Personal URL – creates a new pURL within an existing personalized campaign
  • New Contact – creates a new Boingnet contact in an existing contact list
  • Add Contact To Drip Nurture Campaign – kicks off a drip nurture campaign for a contact

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