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Account Billing

Whether you have a Boingnet On-Demand account, or a Monthly Subscription account, managing your account billing is easy.  Your account billing can be managed thru the My Account Page of your account.

To Access Your My Account Page:

From the Home page, click on your user name in the upper right corner and then select Payment Method:



You’ll navigate the the My Account Page where you can do the following:

  •    Buy Credits (For On-Demand Accounts)
  •    View Credits Order History (For On-Demand Accounts)
  •    Change Plan (For Monthly Subscription Accounts)
  •    View Monthly Invoices (For Monthly Subscription Accounts)
  •    Enter Payment Method (For All Accounts)




To Enter a Payment Method:


  • Click + Add Card
  • Enter credit card information
  • Click Add Card


Buy Credits:

For On-Demand accounts, in order to buy credits for the campaign components you’ll need – such as email, landing page, and domain credits, click the Buy Credits option:


On the following page, using the drop down menus on the right, select the approximate number of each of the following components that your campaign will need:



When you are done selecting the credits you need, page down and click Purchase:



On the next page you’ll see an Order Summary:



Review the details of your order and then click Continue:




On the Payment Page, select the credit card to use and click Submit Order:


Credit Order History:

For On-Demand Accounts, to view your Credits Order History, select that option from the sidebar:


You’ll navigate to the Credits Order History page where you’ll see a list of all credit orders to date:


Change Plan:

For Monthly Subscription Accounts, click the Change Plan option to change your monthly plan:


On the next page:

  •    Select the number of contacts for your new plan
  •    Scroll down and click Change Plan Now



The following page will display and Order Summary.  Scroll to the bottom and click Continue to get to the Payment Page:



On the Payment Page, click Submit Order:


Monthly Invoices:

For Monthly Subscription Accounts – to view your Monthly Invoices, select that option from the menu:


On the next page, you’ll be able to view your Monthly Invoices to date:



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