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Add Social Media Icons to a Landing Page

Adding social media buttons to your landing pages is a great way to allow your viewers to quickly navigate to your social media pages – where they can learn more about your company’s products or services.  In order to insert a social media button into your landing page template, you must first upload the actual social media icon you wish to use into your Boingnet Asset Manager – it’s quick and easy!   If you have not already uploaded a file or an image to your account’s Asset Manager, then visit our page Explore the Asset Manager.

Once you have uploaded your preferred social media icons into your Asset Manager, it’s easy to use them in any of your landing page templates:

To insert the appropriate social media icon:

  • Edit your landing page template.
  • Place your cursor in the area of the template you’d like your icon to appear.
  • Click the image button on the toolbar.
  • When the Image Properties box appears, click Browse Server to navigate to your Asset Manager.

Add Icon1


Select the icon you wish to insert – in this case the facebook icon – by double-clicking on it:


Add Icon2


When you see the selected icon inside the Image Properties box, click the green ‘OK‘ button:


Add Icon3

Your icon image will now appear in your template and you can add the link to the appropriate social media page:

  • Click on the social media icon you just inserted to highlight it.
  • Click the link icon on the toolbar and a Link Properties box will appear.


Add Icon4

Enter the URL of the link to the appropriate social media page, in this case,


Add Icon5

Click the green ‘OK‘ button and the link to the facebook page will now be added to your template.  In this case, the link will navigate the viewer to the Boingnet Facebook page.

Repeat the process to add other social media buttons to your landing page.



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