Forms allow you to collect information from your viewers and are an important component of your landing pages. Boingnet allows you to create two distinct types of forms – a List Web Form, and an Other Web Form.

In Boingnet, an Other Web Form captures user submitted information – such as email, mobile phone, or birthday. These forms capture additional information about individuals that are already on your Boingnet Contact List and they allow you to build survey questions in the form of text areas, check boxes, radio buttons and dropdown lists.  This Other Web Form data can then be exported using the Web Form Report and used in future marketing campaigns.  Other Web Forms do not update information on the Contact List.

If you want to add additional individuals to your Boingnet Contact List, then use a List Web Form. List Web Forms dynamically add new contacts to an existing Boingnet list, or even create a new contact list using information submitted through a Lead Generation Campaign.

For more information on Boingnet Other Web Forms and how to create and use them, visit our Other Web Forms Page.

For more information on Boingnet List Web Forms and how to create and use them, visit our List Web Forms Page.


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