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Create a Redirect Form

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By default forms output a thank you message when submitted. however, if you would like a more catered experience for the visitors that complete your form you can set up a form redirect.

Once you have saved your page as a form page and included your form on the page you can insert a thank you page redirect.

On the edit panel, at the very bottom is a section that will allow you to insert a url you would like your visitors to visit after a form submission.

You can include a static url such as or you can dynamically output a pURL by including the pURL url in the url string like so…


(Note: in order to use a customized pURL like the one above you will need to create a microsite with a specific  “thank-you” page)

After you have specific the URL you would like your visitors to be redirected too you can click the insert button. This will insert a small html tag in your content that will control the redirect process.

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