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Boingnet Landing Pages

Landing pages play a central role in almost everything you do on Boingnet. They will be used to dynamically serve catered content to your visitors in the form of a pURL, they will be bundled together to create microsites, and they will most likely be re-used for several campaigns. Boingnet landing pages act as components for Boingnet microsites as well as acting as the hubs of different types of campaigns. Marketers use Boingnet landing pages for Pay Per Click, Content Marketing, pURL Marketing, Email Marketing  and Mobile marketing campaigns. Only Boingnet landing pages use our unique variable data and variable logic features, which create highly relevant, personalized landing page experiences.

In this section you will learn how to create Boingnet landing pages, edit them, and associate them with the campaigns that you are enacting. There are a number of ways to create landing pages in Boingnet, and hopefully one of these ways will help you rapidly put together stunning landing pages that convert!

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