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Microsite Special Naming Conventions

There are a few special naming conventions that are used in the Microsite building process.  Some common ones are listed below:

Disabling Alerts per Page
If you have alerts turned on in the campaign, you will be alerted on each new pURL open and/or pURL form submitted.   While this is great,  there may be instances when you do not want every page alerting you. In this case, you can override the alert per page by naming the page with a ‘_noalert’ at the end of it.

Error Handling
If a user types in a pURL that does not exist,  the system redirects the user to a generic page called /Error.  If you would like to do something with these users, you can do so by creating a Microsite page called ‘Error’ and assigning it to a template you have created.  This could also be a redirect template allowing you to redirect all mistypes to a separate corporate page.

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