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How to Spam Check Email Campaigns

Deliverability Matters – How to Spam Check Email Campaigns In BoingnetHow to spam check email campaigns in Boingnet

Why is it important to spam check email campaigns before you send? The war raged by ISP’s against spammers has made it increasingly easy for marketers to unintentionally get tripped up by spam filters. Things as simple as using the wrong word in your subject line – common words such as  “Order Now” or “Free” – or a high image to text ratio can all send your campaign down the tubes. While email spam is a very complex topic, there are many things you can do to make sure the majority of your messages reach their targets. Start with this – don’t mail to people that don’t want to hear from you. Use lists that you know people have opted into.

Boingnet is committed to building innovative tools and uses best practices in our infrastructure to help our clients stay ahead of the game. Among these efforts is a cool new feature that lets our users spam check email campaigns. Our Spam Checker integrates some great technology from Spam Assassin that scans your email to look for common mistakes that might cause corporate and ISP spam filters to send your message to the spam folder.

When I Spam Check Email Campaigns, What Happens?

Our Spam Checker feature will analyze your subject line and email from a technical and content standpoint and assign you a score on a 1-10 scale. Anything above a “5” means that your message is likely to be viewed as spam by spam filters. The checks that are done are pretty technical. Here’s a summary of the tests:

  • Header Tests.
  • Body phrase tests. For more information, see SpamAssassinRules
  • Bayesian filtering (BayesFaq)
  • Automatic address whitelist/blacklist (AutoWhitelist)
  • Automatic sender reputation system (TxRep)
  • Manual address whitelist/blacklist (ManualWhitelist)
  • Collaborative spam identification databases (DCC, Pyzor, Razor2); See UsingNetworkTestshow to spam check email campaigns - spam filters
  • DNS Blocklists, also known as “RBLs” or “Realtime Blackhole Lists”. See DnsBlocklists
  • Character sets and locales

Using Boingnet To Spam Check Email Campaigns:

From the Email Campaigns Page, Enter the following for your campaign:

  • Contact List
  • Campaign Name
  • Subject Line
  • From Email Address
  • From Name
  • Email Template
  • Send Date and Time

Click Next to arrive at the Email Campaign Summary Page. Click Test Now to run your email campaign through the SPAM Checker:


Email Spam Test - Test Page



You’ll receive a score of -5 through 10.  If the score returned is 5 or higher, it’s likely that your email will end up in some SPAM folders.  If you receive a score approaching 5, you’ll get a warning that the message has several elements that might make it look like SPAM.  In either case, you’ll receive a list of what these items are so you can work to correct them.  A low score (under 3.9) gives you the green light to proceed.

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