Steps for a Direct Mail Campaign with pURLs

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Steps for a Direct Mail Campaign with pURLs

Set up a Direct Mail Campaign with pURLs in 7 Easy Steps

The Direct Mail Campaign with pURLs will create a pURL and a personalized landing page or microsite for each person on your contact list.  Campaign information, including pURLs, can then be Direct Mail Campaign With pURLs - Auto Example - Boingnetdownloaded and sent to your printer so your pURLs can be printed on your direct mail piece.   This type of campaign is basically a personalized campaign that uses a direct mail channel.

The outline below lists all the steps necessary to create a Direct Mail Campaign with pURLs.  Quick links to our help articles are provided, so you’ll know exactly how to complete each step.

1.   Upload a Contact List containing your customers ‘ information – including first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, plus any other information you’ll use in your campaign:

Your contact list will serve as the data backbone for your direct mail campaign with pURLs. It’s important that you upload your list to Boingnet and generate your pURLs before your printer has finalized their variable data layout. Boingnet must generate the pURLs in order to ensure that duplicates are avoided.

2.   Create a Landing Page Template:

Your landing page template is the page that your targets see when they reach enter their pURLs into a browser (or scan their QR Code).  Typically these pages include forms (pURLs can often pre-fill forms to get higher response rates) and a large Call To Action button. You can set up a thank you page, or as many pages as you like on your pURL.

3.     Create a Microsite:

The microsite is a Boingnet feature that lets you define attributes of your landing page(s) and add in campaign specific information such as friendly URLs, custom meta tags, tracking codes & more. Once your microsite is saved, you can swap out landing page templates at any time.

4.    Set up your Domain:

Boingnet has the unique ability for you to search for, buy and manage domains right within our application. This can save you from having to make technical modifications to domains set up through 3rd parties like GoDaddy.

5.     Create a Personalized Campaign:

When you create a Personalized Campaign in Boingnet you are actually generating pURLs and choosing the URL structure for your direct mail campaign with pURLs.

6.     Download Campaign Data and pURLs to send to your printer:

7     View your Campaign Reports:


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