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Thank You Page Redirect

Whenever you create a landing page with a form designed to capture information from your contacts, you have to ability to redirect the contacts that complete your form to a customized Thank You Page.  This is an easy, yet effective way to make your messages to your contacts more interactive and more personal.

To add a Thank You Page Redirect to your landing page template – follow these steps:

Find the landing page that contains the form, click the Action button and then select Edit:



Place your cursor at the bottom of the form – by the submit button, and select Thank You Page Redirect from the sidebar:



When the Thank You Page pop up appears, click Insert and then click Save to save your template:



A small Hidden Fields Icon for the Thank You Page redirect will appear on your form:



You’ll also need to add your Thank You Page template to your campaign’s microsite:

Edit your campaign’s microsite by clicking Build, then selecting Microsites.   Find your campaign’s microsite, click Action, then select Edit:


To add your Thank You Page’s template to your microsite:

  •    Click Add New Page
  •    Enter the Page # – in the example below we’ve used 2 since our main landing page template is Page # 1
  •    Enter the Friendly URL for your Thank You Page – in the example, we’ve used ThankYou.  Note that this Friendly URL must exactly     match the Value on your hidden fields box:



To continue:


  •    Select your Thank You Page template from the drop down menu under Template Name
  •    Click Save to add this page to your microsite.

When done editing your microsite, click the Save button at the bottom:typage7


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