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Do you want a fast, easy way to generate more leads & sales? Use prospect data to create Personalized Landing Pages with Boingnet.  Greet your prospects by name, pre-fill forms and even render different content to different audiences with the same landing page – all with simple spreadsheet data.

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You get free, professionally designed landing page templates with cutting edge marketing automation starting at $299 per month. . Only Boingnet combines Personalized Landing Pages, Personalized URLs AND cutting edge email and drip marketing to give you an easy and affordable way to build killer direct mail, web, and email campaigns. Short on time? We can do it for you!

Why Try Boingnet Personalized Landing Pages?

  • Easy Personalization: Upload a spreadsheet and drive personalized headlines, images, forms and calls to action
  • Free Trial: Build a personalized landing page in 60 seconds with our no credit card, no commitment 60 Day Free Trial
  • Detailed Analytics: Track every prospect’s visits, clicks and conversions
  • Automated Drip Campaigns: set up triggered email sequences for each conversion

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Build Personalized Landing Pages In 60 Seconds
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Personalized landing pages don’t have to be difficult, time consuming or expensive to build. In fact, you can build one in less than a minute in our Free Trial. Sign up now and build a Personalized Test Drive. You’ll see for yourself how easy it is to build beautiful, personalized landing pages and microsites.

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Easy & Affordable Pricing Plans

Building a Personalized Landing Page campaign doesn’t have to take months of planning and huge budgets. Boingnet gives marketing teams and agencies the choice of Monthly Subscription or Pay As You Go pricing options. While many clients use Boingnet as a self-serve platform, others have us help build out their campaigns with Boingnet Marketing Services.

Marketer Pro & Agency Edition

  • Unlimited Personalized Landing Pages and pURL campaigns
  • Complete pURL tracking & analysis
  • Full Marketing Automation Platform
  • No contracts, just low monthly rates starting at $299/month

On Demand Personalized Landing Page Campaigns

  • Full feature pURL software and tracking
  • Buy credits and use them as you need them
  • Choices for pURL campaign, Email or Landing Page credits
  • Personal URL credits starting at $1,049


Boingnet Personalization Facts

  1. Personalized Landing Pages get 45% Response Rates – Marketing Sherpa pURL Marketing Case Study
  2. We can build it for you – don’t have time? Need it fast? Boingnet Marketing Services can build your campaign
  3. Better Content Marketing – Drive Targets To a “Safe Space” Online [SLIDES] and use pURL tracking features to follow up
  4. Mobile Friendly – Boingnet pURL landing pages, microsites and emails are all mobile ready, using responsive design
  5. Personalization Is a Must Do – If you aren’t personalizing, you are falling behind 86% of consumers say personalization works

Boingnet pURL Personalized Landing Pages

Personalization Best Practices

  1. Focus on your data – Personalized marketing works really well when your list data is complete and accurate. Good Data = Good Campaigns
  2. Set up autoresponder emails – you’ve gotten them to respond – it’s fast & easy to trigger drip emails with Boingnet
  3. Build a non-personalized version of the landing page or microsite. Use the creative to get additional leads from non-list-based channels, such as PPC, Social, SEO, etc.
  4. Design consistency across channels – Keep colors, logos & branding consistent. One channel should have a similar look & feel to the next [WEBINAR]
  5. Build a testing period into your timeline – When you’re launching a personalized campaign – make sure you test out all of the scenarios

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Boingnet Personalized Landing Page Features

  • Data driven personalization – upload a spreadsheet with columns that personalize
  • Professionally designed and coded landing page templates
  • Mobile friendly, responsive personalized landing pages
  • Personalized Campaign Dashboards that track visitors, conversions and clicks
  • Publish/Unpublish status for testing & launch
  • Multi-channel campaigns – landing pages, email and direct mail
  • Instant alerts for sales when personalized landing pages are visited or when forms are submitted
  • Detailed tracking, analytics and reporting – who did what and when
  • Boingnet QR Codes – personalized QR codes that drive mobile to mobile ready landing pages
  • Downloadable PURL records with addresses in .CSV format for printers
  • Downloadable pURL QR codes in image file for printers
  • Triggered drip marketing campaigns from direct mail lead generation
  • Integrated Domain Purchasing & URL management
  • Integrated Autoresponder Emails
  • Fast & Easy Redirect Campaigns for easy tracking
  • Web form (and pre-filled web form) creation
  • Retargeting with Facebook, Google & Others
  • Easy integration into Google Analytics or other reporting tools
  • Google Map Integration

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